Ates Erdogan (Turkey): “… we motivated ourselves to do our best, to proudly represent our flag”

24 Apr 2017 19:23
Today HMBIA News are going to tell you about novice team that will show itself for the first time. Our new friends and opponents, of course, are from Turkey. Our editorial office could not wait to speak with national team’s captain Ates Erdogan. He agreed to have a little conversation with our reporter. Ates Erdogan told us about his team.

Ates Erdogan: “Our team consists of 7 fighters; we have 6 fighters for 5 vs 5 and we are especially proud to represent our country on Women’s duel category. While this will be the first “Battle of the Nations” event, some of our fighters have HMB soft and steel fighting experience. We are eager to see how well we’ll fare against other teams and test our steel against theirs”.

According to captain Erdogan, there was no election tournament, but team is formed and Ates is sure that they are ready to fight on such a high leveled competition as “Battle of The Nations”.

Ates Erdogan: “Since HMB is not well known in our country, our national team was formed by the people who already knew about the HMB World Championship “Battle of The Nations”. Unlike other countries where HMB and BoTN is well known and there are national selection matches to choose from the applicants, our team simply got together and decided to be the first ones to participate into “Battle of The Nations”-2017 from Turkey! We experienced a lot of logistical challenges, but we motivated ourselves to do our best, to proudly represent our flag”.

Also, Turkish captain told about HMB in his country. It is not so ancient and well known as the country, but it has a great future! 

Ates Erdogan: “We heard about HMB and HMB World Championship “Battle of The Nations” from our friends while practicing HEMA together, saw the steel on steel action and we knew we had to go there and be part of it.”

“We are eager to be part of HMB and “Battle of The Nations”-2017 and we hope that our presence as the first fighters from Turkey adds a new visual element to the lists and spices things up a bit! We hope we will form new bonds of friendship, forged in battle and tempered in hardship”.

As we can see, HMB-movement is so young in Turkey, but nothing could stop these sportsmen and HMBIA News want to believe that it becomes larger and stronger from year to year and we will have the pleasure to see National team of Turkey participating in the “Battle of The Nations” every year.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania