Andy Di Francesco, Argentina: “Fighting with the best is the way to grow”
We are expecting to form two teams for “5 vs 5”. We have the people, but as before, the economic situation is no better. Also, we have two boys ready for “1 vs 1”, but their participation will depend on the final test, because they are more important for the “5 vs 5” category. By […]
23 Jan 2015 11:52
Hibou Cévenol: fighter, woodcutter, musician
I’ve been a fighter of a French club “Confrérie des Loups” since 2012 and I was a fighter of the French “5 vs 5” team (“France-2” in 2013 and “France-1” in 2014). My favorite category is buhurt, a mass battle in all its variants (“5 vs 5”, “21 vs 21”, “all vs all”). Concerning buhurts, […]
23 Jan 2015 01:09
Burnie, Australia: “Especially, I can’t wait to be involved in the new women’s category “All vs All”
I am looking forward to “Battle of the Nations”-2015, to meeting up with old friends and making new ones. And I expect to see more fighters, more countries engaged. I think that during this competition our team will have much harder fights, because we have a little more experience now. It will be our 3rd […]
21 Jan 2015 15:16
Kainz, Austria: “Prague is certainly a worthy venue for “Battle of the Nations”-2015”
I was very happy to hear that “Battle of the Nations”-2015 would take place in Prague. It is a very beautiful city with a lot of history and it will certainly be a worthy venue for “Battle of the Nations”-2015. I will, of course, support my National Team; but I will root for every team […]
21 Jan 2015 14:13
Royal category – for everyone!
Every willing fighter or National Team will be able to take part in the royal “21 vs 21″ category at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015. After the HMBIA summit held in Prague it was decided to allow several National Teams form an alliance and act as a single team. There should […]
21 Jan 2015 10:10
Sacchetti, Italy: “Prague is a magic city”
I really like the idea that “Battle of the Nations”-2015 will be held in Prague. Surely, it is one of the most important European capitals, with a great t history, which certainly helps to better contextualize an event such as “Battle of the Nations”! In my opinion, holding an event like this in a location […]
21 Jan 2015 09:06
Fontana, Italy: “It is the greatest honor to fight under Italian colors again”
I have no expectations concerning “Battle of the Nations”-2015… For me, it will be a great success to be there in an acceptable condition (after an accident I had). But I won`t be a part of the audience or member of the supporting team. I`m a fighter! The only way to support my brothers is […]
20 Jan 2015 13:30
Villani, Argentina: “The most important thing is to enjoy this amazing sport”
Experience obtained at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014 is so versatile. You get too much within a few days. It was great to spend time with fighters from different parts of the world. And all of them were so kind to explain things and share their fighting experience with us. Of […]
20 Jan 2015 10:26
Obradovic, Serbia: “This is HISTORICAL and MEDIEVAL battle, not Fantasy Role-playing fight”
Well, we talked a lot about authenticity at the meeting in Prague. It seems that now people understand importance of authenticity more than a year ago. It is becoming very important aspect of HMB movement. And it makes me happy, because, after all, this is HISTORICAL and MEDIEVAL battle, not Fantasy Role-playing fight. Authenticity Committee […]
20 Jan 2015 09:18
Potryasov, Kyrgyzstan: “Work is in full swing, and we are doing everything possible to develop the HMB movement in our country”
We are registering HMB clubs now. As it has already been said, we have two of them, namely “Gvardiya” (“Guard”) and “Black Company”. Then, there will be an election of captain for the National Team of our country. After that, we’re going to proceed with the registration of “HMB Kyrgyzstan Association”. Also, we are currently […]
19 Jan 2015 12:20
Franco Bianchetti, Switzerland: “For all of us, this year was a test, and we’ve passed it!”
Debut of the full team was right at “Battle of the Nations”-2014. Before Croatia we went to some events or trainings, but never five fighters from Switzerland were together as one team vs another team. In general, I think, we had a good result. Of course it was possible to get a better one via […]
19 Jan 2015 12:18
Lönn, Finland: “I have a lot of faith in Finnish fighters and I promise a good fight to any team”
This year everyone who wanted to join Team Finland at “Battle of the Nations” could do so, because there was only a handful of fighters in the whole Finland. And we all had the worst armour imaginable… After “Battle of the Nations”-2014 we have improved our gear immensely and trained hard. Our fighters also participated […]
19 Jan 2015 09:15
Legionnaires in National Teams. The question is settled!
Legionnaires issue was one of the most actively disputed at the HMBIA summit held in Prague. Summit participants could vote for several options to solve the issue, in particular: 1. Allow team membership to fighters with citizenship or permanent residentship of the country; 2. Allow team membership to fighters with citizenship of the country; 3. […]
15 Jan 2015 09:28
Smith, Australia: “The team is ready to go!”
LOOK FORWARD “Battle of the Nations”-2015 I hope that my team will be larger, that we’ll have many new fighters, as well as some old faces, so I expect to, at least, reach the last year’s result and then surpass it, as we are speaking of “Battle of the Nations” where anything can happen! Of […]
12 Jan 2015 13:40
Prague Summit. One country – one National Team
Follow the International Olympic Committee! During the working meeting in Prague, participants faced several major issues and decisions they had to make will influence development vectors of HMBIA and World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”. Among them, there was a question concerning regulation of the formation of National Teams. According to the HMBIA, […]
12 Jan 2015 12:37
Murumets, Estonia: “For me it was the first time at “Battle of the Nations”, so I didn’t know what to expect”
MEMORY REMAINS “Battle of the Nations”-2014 I’m quite happy about the result, it was better than my expectations. Good results in buhurt and triathlon, for the first time at “Battle of the Nations.” For me it was the first time at “Battle of the Nations”, so I didn’t know what to expect. I only knew […]
12 Jan 2015 11:35



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