Hibou Cévenol: fighter, woodcutter, musician

23 Jan 2015 01:09
I’ve been a fighter of a French club “Confrérie des Loups” since 2012 and I was a fighter of the French “5 vs 5” team (“France-2” in 2013 and “France-1” in 2014).
My favorite category is buhurt, a mass battle in all its variants (“5 vs 5”, “21 vs 21”, “all vs all”). Concerning buhurts, I can say that they’re history of my land! They are extreme! They are fun! They make the World Championship!!! That’s why I like buhurts so much.

I prefer French armor of the end of the XIV-th c., because the medieval history of my region was the most important in 1360-1400-s. My favorite weapon is falchion.

I’m a woodcutter in my usual life. I am from the Cevennes, it’s a mountain region in the south of France. I’ve been playing music since adolescence. I want to make moving and violent music, with lyrics saying about medieval battles, buhurts and many other topics concerning the Hundred Years’ War, that’s how I begin to make my album. All tracks will be about the mentioned topics, 12 or 13 tracks in total.

“Behourd Final” (“Final Buhurt”) is my solo project. I write music and lyrics, and I play and record all instruments (guitars, bass, drums) and I perform all the tracks. What inspires me? Concerning music: metal, hardcore and punk music! But I listen to a lot of medieval music too.

My girlfriend helps me with all my projects, she’s a medieval fighter too! We met on a concert in 2006 when I was a drummer in a rock band! She started medieval battles for fun at French selection of 2014, and she fought in Trogir. We prepare for the new season and train together!

Concerning difficulty of finding time for fighting and playing – the only difficulty is to find inspiration… and record…. and cut wood…. and train….

Interview by
Tatiana Nesterenko,

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