Rabito, Spain: “We are planning to visit “Battle of the Nations”-2015 in Prague”

10 Feb 2015 09:11

HMB sport is developing quite actively in our country. Now we have around 40 armored fighters and many interested in medieval combat who are getting their first armor.

Our National organization “Liga de Combate Medieval” includes around 8 clubs from Spain. This year we’ve already had our first National League tournament in Belmonte Castle. It was great, both in terms of combat level and place. But we are only starting to grow and I’m sure that in future we will have a lot of clubs, fighters and tournaments.

We are planning to visit the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2015 in Prague and we want to compete in “5 vs 5” and “Triathlon” categories. We have female fighters, but this year, I think, it may be difficult for them to participate.

So, an important thing for developing our sport is interest of Spanish media. The press usually show it as a sport with good people who only want to do their best.

Salvatore Rabito,
President of HMB Association of Spain,
captain of “Bohurt Zona Sur” club (Andalucía)



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania