HMB in Abu Dhabi
August, 26 – 30 – during the international exhibition ADIHEX in Abu Dhabi, visitors got a unique opportunity to get acquainted HMB sports. Here the brand manager of the Buhurt League, Artem Vasilev, and the head of the HMBIA tournament committee, Ivan Koryagin, presented a stand where everyone could not only learn about the sport, […]
05 Sep 2019 00:30
HMB Pegasus from San Isidro
Latin America knows this team with the horses on the shields very well. They take part almost in every tournament in Argentina. San Isidro Combate Medieval HMB club (the SICom in short) is our topic for today. Their story has a very unusual start – after the first HMB Cup “GRAND PRIX” in Argentina  in […]
27 Aug 2019 23:26
Registrations for the III HMB Soft Championship is open!
December, 7-8 the 3rd HMB Soft World Championship among Schools and Clubs welcomes you! We are glad to announce the opening of registration for the tournament. The event will be held in Riga, Latvia. The address: Rigas Sporta maneža, Kojusalas iela 9, Latgales priekšpilseta, Riga, LV-1003, Latvia. The 3rd HMB Soft World Championship is a […]
18 Aug 2019 11:41
Brand new HMB star
It is no secret that the HMB movement participants – athletes, marshals or sports fans – are very interesting people! Interests of these people is not confined only to HMB sports, but experience in other areas makes a fighter or marshal only stronger and more effective. HMBIA News continues to introduce you to each other. […]
13 Aug 2019 22:17
HMB Schools: Intermediate Results
Teams of HMB Schools continue their march in tournaments throughout Russia. Almost every large and even small tournament can meet these young, but ambitious and strong fighters. HMB schools exist throughout Russia for a year and a half. Igor Kravchenko, the head of the HMB School project in February 2019, spoke about the first results […]
05 Aug 2019 22:56
History Made in Brazil
July, 20. It was a remarkable day for HMB in Brazil. In Sao Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world, medieval energy is quite alive. The indoor sporting arena Ibirapuera Gymnasium hosted second edition of Copa São Paulo de Combates Medievais, this time a Buhurt Challenger tournament. But, yes, a lot of firsts. […]
03 Aug 2019 23:35
HMB awards as a separate art form
For the past few years, the design and execution of award cups and medals for such large-scale HMB events like Battle on the Neva, RECON, and Battle of the Nations belong to the blacksmiths of one manufactory. These stylish and qualitative awards are the result of Fedor Pushkarev and his team work. How are these […]
21 Jul 2019 23:41
Alexandra Soloschenko: talented and fearlessness
Historical medieval battle is developing fast and becoming more popular all over the world. Every year more and more countries participate in the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations. Fights are becoming more exciting and professional, and every day the ranks of fighters in armor are replenished with talented new men and women. HMBIA […]
16 Jul 2019 14:33
Middle Ages returned to the Peter and Paul Fortress
The historical festival Battle on the Neva is over. For 2 days Peter and Paul Fortress lived as if in the Middle Ages. Beautiful ladies and brave mighty knights in iron armor surprised and amazed guests of the festival with their skill and courage. There were the 5 vs 5 male and female fights, duels […]
15 Jul 2019 13:53
The Battle on the Neva very soon! Are you ready?
The Battle on the Neva festival, one of the brightest HMB events of summer in Russia, is coming! July 13-14, the Peter and Paul Fortress will welcome thousands of HMB sports fans and people who love the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The festival is sure to surprise, inspire and amaze. It will be a […]
11 Jul 2019 00:00
Saint George banner is ready for 150 vs 150
Saint George banner is ready to take part in the most massive and spectacular fighting category at the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 in Serbia. The banner consists only of the Russian national team fighters.
09 Jul 2019 13:32
Medieval Battles at Argentinian Independence Holiday
A weekend to celebrate History in the bucolic city of Maschwitz, in Argentina, a land of the South of the world. It’s Terra Australis Tournament, that takes place at 6, 7 and 8 july, with nominations for Buhurt 5v5 categories, Sword & Shield, Longsword, Sword & Buckler duels and yet Profight. It’s a full Holiday […]
05 Jul 2019 22:33
HMB Soft and Medieval History for kids
One could imagine there are no medieval fans in the tropical lands of Brazil. It would be a lack of imagination, once medieval spirit is quite alive among concrete jungle and savage hills near the beach. A project carried by Daniel Felipe (HMBIA Marshal) and his team, the Silver Sword Company, is taking HMB Soft […]
05 Jul 2019 22:05
Riga is waiting for the strongest!
The Junior HMB Soft World Championship for HMB clubs and schools has become a good tradition for Riga, Latvia. It has become the most important tournament of the year for HMB young athletes. This year’s edition will be held December, 7-8 in Riga (Latvia). On both days of the Championship, participants will find a rich […]
01 Jul 2019 23:51
How to create champions? Russian secrets
The HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 reached an unprecedented scale two months ago, but we still cannot forget the battles of the national teams. Technique, tactics, strategy, strength, power and agility, a high class of possession of combat techniques and many types of weapons … From such a spectacle our heads were […]
26 Jun 2019 12:20
Gavin Stewart: “… It all comes down to enthusiasm and passion”
Big HMB events are now more oriented to a different kind of audience – HMB fans and people who just start to follow it as these tournaments have online broadcasting. Thanks to the commentators of Live streams we can understand what’s happening in the list, find out a lot of interesting things about fighters, teams […]
18 Jun 2019 00:01



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