The Spirit of Time: to unite and to surprise!

06 Sep 2019 15:01
St. Petersburg met autumn with the Spirit of Time festival, which took place on September, 1 in the territory of Murinsky Park. The organizers of the festival from the Courage of Ages  managed to organically combine numerous opportunities for young citizens self-expression in one event . There was a place for a culture of different times from ancient to modern. And, of course, the HMBIA official representatives in Russia paid attention to HMB sports, having allocated a platform for the First League fights in 5 vs 5 and the new experimental nomination Polish 2 vs 2.

3 teams took part in the buhurts: the Russian Order, the NRB team of the Nuremberg HMB club and Old Friends – a team that trains at the HMB School of St. Petersburg.

The “Russian Order” captain of the HMB direction Stepan Pimenov said that the tournament in general turned out to be very solid, and the rivals were well acquainted:

“For 3 years now I’ve been fighting with familiar faces. In the first fight vs the team “Nuremberg” we won the round, in the second round I slipped and fell. After a hard fight, we could rest only 5 minutes before the fight with “Old Friends”. Therefore, they won almost without problems.”

The results of the 5 vs 5 First League fights are as follows:
1. Old Friends
2. Russian Order
3. NRB (club Nuremberg)

One of the HMB High School coaches Yuri Samoilov, who supported the Old Friends that day, said that he was pleased with their fights and also noted that it was very useful for the HMB sport to hold as many tournaments of the First League as possible, giving athletes the opportunity to get necessary combat experience.

The next nomination, which took place at the HMB list, became an experiment – 2 vs 2 teams entered the list. In this category, victory is awarded solely for the number of blows inflicted by a weapon. The rules and regulations for this category will be discussed in our next publications. And most importantly, due to this format, we return to the need for a good fencing skill, which is an important aspect of historical medieval combat.

Alexandr Dolgal is a member of the Old Friends team and a member of the Khabib team in the 2 vs 2 category.
“This is the first time I have fights of such a format. It went well. We discovered a lot of unexpected things. We are the only duo who fought without changes in the team and the only one team with polearms. This gave an understanding of how to work in such a situation, and at the end of the tournament we mastered some points scoring technique. We really liked it, it was great. Definitely, such nominations need to be arranged, the fighters learned new situations for themselves, new rules, learned to use their brain on the battlefield… I think this is a very useful format! ”

The guys from this team chose polearms for the fight, because they are both students of the famous polearm fighter and the legend of HMB sport Alexei Nayderov and specialize in this particular type of weapon. Alexandr also noted that in the future he intends to perform in the 2 vs 2 only with the polearm!

The results of the new 2 vs 2 nomination (“Polish Deuces”) are as follows:
1. Polish milking
2. Gorsky Group
3. The Kadyrov`s Squad

Let’s hope that an interesting pair nomination will become a traditional and we will be able to see fights of the “pairs” not only in the First League, but also in the highest. In general, the holiday turned out to be cheerful, versatile and crowded, and the great weather only contributed to the excellent mood of both the guests of the festival and its participants.
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