“Torneo delle Alpi”: scale and cozy

22 Sep 2019 17:41
Last weekend Italy hosted the biggest tournament of the country “Torneo delle Alpi” that was held September 14-15 in the city of Volpiano. The event was really scale and versatile, we can even call it “The flitestive of brutay” in two reasons. Firstly – there were fights different HMB categories: buhurt 5 vs 5, duels and Profights. As for “brutality” – really tough fighters and teams fought here for the Cups of the tournament. But it is worth notice that thanks to the outstanding hospitality of the organizers the event was full of cozy atmosphere and everybody felt themselves as a welcome guests. According to Ivan Varenikov, the participant from Russia, the Torneo Delle Alpi made a very good impression on him.“The tournament was able to combine the features of small tournaments with a family atmosphere, where the organizers pay personal attention to all participants, and large sports competitions, which attract the best teams from different countries. Despite the relatively small number of teams, the tournament turned out to be very representative and the results of many fights were unpredictable”, – said Ivan.
The final results of the third edition of the Alps tournament are:
1° Old Friends (Russia)
2° Ayna Bera (Ukraine)
3° Aquila Sequania (France)
Light weight
1° Jacopo Gosatti (Taurus Medieval Fight Club – Torino)
1° Dmitro Dolgert (Ayna Bera)
1° Luca Davi (Taurus Medieval Fight Club – Torino)
Middle weight
1° Rafael Namazov (Grimaldi Milites)
Heavy weight
1° Mykova Averinov (Ayna Bera)
Super-Heavy weight
1° Volodymyr Nachyporenko (Ayna Bera)
1° Yaroslav Rusanov (Old Friends)
2° Sergio Quattrini (Taurus Medieval Fight Club – Torino)
3° Ghilli Vinderthor Prati (Taurus Medieval Fight Club – Torino)
Sword & Shield
1° Ilya Raianov (Ayna Bera)
2° Michael Salone (Ordine del Guado)
3° Giorgio Dovera (Taurus Medieval Fight Club – Torino)
1° Fabio Zangrandi (Taurus Medieval Fight Club – Torino)
2° Giorgio Dovera (Taurus Medieval Fight Club – Torino)
3° Teo Magni (Bellatores Buhurt Fighting Club)
Vitaliy Makaryan, the Knight marshal of the tournament, emphasized fights in the duel category: “I would also like to mention the Italian fighters in the Longsword nomination, some fighters showed beautiful and technical fights”.
The winner of the Longsword nomination Fabio Zangrandi, the Taurus MFC fighter, also noted that he has seen a high level of fighters in his category: “It has been hard to win and the satisfaction was great. The organization of the event was great, in time, with no delays. Marshals had done a very good job. It was one of the best organized tournaments in italy this year I think” – said Fabio.
It is worth to note that guests of the Torneo Delle Alpi event were delighted with what was happening on the lists supported participants with loud applause. The mayor of Volpiano the doctor Emanuele De Zuanne also was among quests and really like fights and HMB sport in general with all its historical beauty and brutality. He has declared great availability so that the tournament can grow as much as possible giving the right visibility to this extraordinary sport. The organization of the event was curated by the Circolo Culturale Tavola di Smeraldo, a Volpiano cultural association chaired by Sandy Furlini and the Taurus MFC team from Turin led by President Thomas Briguglio.
According to the organizers next year Torneo Delle Alpi will be held on 19-20 September and will be included in the largest medieval event in northern Italy, The Medieval Festival called 1339. De Bello Canepiciano. It is awesome news as the tournament is really worth being known and attended by thousands of visitors and mass media representatives.
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