There are more HMBIA marshals in South America!

24 Oct 2019 09:14
2 Marshals summits were held in Argentina and Brazil with the participation of HMBIA marshal supervisor and head of the marshals committee Sergey Myasishchev. Both summits ended with an exam for obtaining an international certificate of HMBIA Marshal, which makes it possible to judge international tournaments.
According to the marshal supervisor, many people took part in the summits, but only 10 people in Argentina and 6 in Brazil took the risk of passing this crucial exam.
We asked Sergey Myasishchev to tell about the results of the summit personally:
4 Marshals in Argentina and 1 in Brazil successfully passed the theory part. Based on the results of a full exam, which included theory, practice and interviews, two Argentineans (Nahuel Nasillo and Marcos Zuniga), as well as two Brazilians (Julia Soares Dias and Adriana Di Cezare), were certified. I will explain: one of the Brazilians passed the theory in Argentina, so in Brazil only 1 person passed, but as a results there were 2 of them.”
Andy di Francesco, member of “The 5 HMB ARGENTINE CUP” organizing team, was very sorry that she could not attend the Argentine summit personally, but emphasized its importance for the development of HMB sports in her country:
“The Marshals Summit went great! It is very important for us to undergo this training. The Marshal Committee of HMB Argentina is expanding, which means that the more professional marshals we have, the safer the fighters in the lists.”
What a great news! We can safely declare that HMB sport continues its development and improvement.
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