Paweł Kurzak: “We are the team and we fight for each other….. “
Before Christmas, the “White Company” HMB club got an incredibly pleasant, but quite predictable gift. Severe UK guys won first place in the Buhurt League system ranking. The gift is not felt physically. You can’t put it to the full or hang it on the wall, but the way to it was very thorny and […]
26 Dec 2018 22:25
The date of the beginning of registration for Battle of the Nations 2019 is announced
Registration is compulsory for participants of the Championship! To the participants of tenth annual World Championship on Historical Medieval Battle Battle of the Nations 2015 attention! From 2nd of January 2019 registration of National teams for participation in the tournament will be opened. In addition, at the same time, detailed regulations and admittances for sets […]
25 Dec 2018 15:03
It’s time to make a wish!
It’s Christmas time. The most wonderful and magic time of the year. You can even hear HO-HO-HO these days. Everyone starts to believe in miracles. People make wishes and believe from the bottom of their hearts that the dream will come true. HMB fighters do it as well. Of course they are tough, strong and […]
24 Dec 2018 23:02
HMB Ukrainian championship: surprises and tough selection
It is a hot time in the HMB movement around the world now. Qualifying tournaments for the formation of national teams started, and Ukraine is no exception. On Saturday, December 15, the HMB Ukrainian Open Championship took place in Kiev. The tournament received Buhurt Open status in the Buhurt League system.   100 participants came […]
19 Dec 2018 00:01
Ilia Malyugin: steel as it is
Our hero today is a fresh new face in steel fights but not in HMB sport. Ilia Malyugin is a member of the Peresvet HMB club. His first season of fighting in steel armour comes to an end. He practiced HMB Soft for many years and showed great results in tournaments. Now Ilia is 18 […]
13 Dec 2018 12:15
Like the Battle of the Nations!
Brazil had one of the most important events of the season. The Silver Sword tournament took place on November, 24 and 25 at Medievale – Medieval Fair, organized by Mundo Medieval Brazil, had Buhurt Challenger status. Its results will be taken into account in the general statistics of the teams in the Buhurt League system […]
09 Dec 2018 15:46
Steel Bear 2018 – no mercy on the list!
The end of 2018 will be marked by the “Steel Bear” HMB tournament . The event will be held on December, 8 in the School of HMB Nizhny Novgorod and is dated to the All-Russian Bear Day! It’s already clear that it will not be easy here, because fighters from Moscow, Saratov, Kazan, Kirov, Perm, […]
07 Dec 2018 21:42
Battle of the Nations 2018: detailed results
As 2018 comes to an end, many of us are taking off our armour and preparing to celebrate the holiday season of Christmas and New Year. As we are doing so, we take a little time to look back over the year gone by and make plans for 2019. Soon, preparations for the anniversary tenth […]
28 Nov 2018 14:39
Silver Sword Tournament in Brazil
Brazil will held the first Buhurt League tournament in its HMB history. This event has the Buhurt Challenger status. Silver Sword will take place on November, 24 and 25 at Medievale – Medieval Fair, organized by Mundo Medieval Brazil. More than 30 fighters are expected, all brazilian teams are coming. Also there will be famous […]
22 Nov 2018 23:12
Junior HMB Soft World Championship-2018: coming soon!
One of the most anticipated events in the HMB community will take place on the first day of winter. On December 1, the second international junior championship “Junior HMB Soft World Championship” among HMB clubs and schools will be held in Riga, Latvia. The second HMB Soft World Championship is a significant event for the […]
21 Nov 2018 22:13
The Buhurt Оpen tournament in Ukraine
One of the toughest tournaments in the world will take place in Kiev (Ukraine). It is HMB Ukrainian championship. On December, 15 Ukrainian fighters will enter the lists to find out who is stronger, more experienced and worthy to be part of the national team of their country. The tournament has already received Buhurt Open […]
16 Nov 2018 14:55
ITOC-2018 in USA: warm hospitality and tough fights
HMBIA News received great news from USA! Mark Jackson President of Company of The Gauntlet and Rose, main organizer of the ITOC-2018 told us that the International Tournament of Chivalry at the 4th Annual HMB California Classic Buhurt League Master Tournament was attended by more than 4500 people in Fresno California on November 10-11, 2018. […]
15 Nov 2018 13:53
Tournoi des Flandres-2018: results of one of the biggest tournament in the Western Europe
The French buhurt season came to an end in spectacular fashion! The now famous Tournoi des Flandres was held on November,3-4 in the city of Tourcoing. 140 fighters from France, UK, Ukraine, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland came here to emerge as the strongest. HMBIA News asked Fabien Majchrzak, a member of the organization team to […]
13 Nov 2018 23:21
Torneo Medieval de Calaveras-2018 in Mexico: 4 years of brutality
This year Mexico held one of the biggest National HMB event – Torneo Medieval de Calaveras – 2018 for the 4th time. The event got Buhurt League Challenger status. Athletes from Australia, Austria, USA, Mexico and 2 legionnaires from Ukraine and Argentina came here to fight and to win. Oscar de la Parra, Captain of […]
08 Nov 2018 22:05
III Torneo de HMB en Mendoza: results
The end of October will stay in memory of HMB fighters from South America as Argentina hosted one of the most expected HMB events of this part of the world – III Torneo de HMB en Mendoza. This tournament gathered there participants from Argentina and Chile to cross the swords.   There were fights in […]
07 Nov 2018 00:05
Eugenii Baranov: “Everyone or No One Is Allowed”
Historical medieval battles, as a phenomenon, is a unique fusion of history and sport. Perhaps this is the only type of contact martial art where the fighter’s appearance requires careful attention not only on the existing safety and standardization regulations, but also on the equipment, which has to be matching to a specific time period […]
26 Oct 2018 22:49



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