Junior HMB Soft World Championship: the truth about how it was …

29 Dec 2018 22:36
Winter brought the second Junior HMB Soft World Championship among HMB clubs and schools to Riga.

According to Ali Askerov, a member of the organizers, each championship teaches them something useful. So, this year the tournament has a number of changes in the organizational part, which only improved its quality. This year there were a separate lists for the fights of each age category. This made it possible to improve the timing of the event and make it more convenient for participants and judges.

Ali noted that the level of participants was very high. This year athletes from Russia, Ukraine, France, Poland and Latvia came for the tournament prizes.

Ali Askerov:
“This year there were a lot of interesting and perspective participants. France brought very interesting guys, guys from Poland were good as well. Very strong guys came from Ukraine. The Russians also showed a class. In general, the tournament was held at a very high level in terms of training athletes”.

The work of judges has undergone minor changes. This year there were more of them and they worked in a certain age category. The team of the Knight marshals of the tournament marshals was also international. It includes Maciej Reihl from Poland, George Yurchak from Latvia and Ali Askerov from Russia. HMBIA News was had an opportunity to speak with George Yurchak, who judged the category of 12-13 years.

George Yurchak:
“Everything went smoothly and calmly. There were no controversial situations. All participants showed strict discipline and a high level of training. I also note with pleasure the French.”

Junior HMB Soft World Championship results:

Boys 12-13 years:
1 Gurin Vsevolod – Northern Wolf, Russia
2 Berezin Matvey – Peresvet, Russia
3 Tristan Assailly – Les Ecuyers du Marchidial, France

Boys 14-15 years:
1 Shuyev Artem – Knyazhiy styag, Russia
2 Korshunov Timofey – Fencing school SWORD, Russia
3 Arzhantsev Aleksandr – Northern Wolf, Russia

Boys 16-17 years:
1 Bobko Aleksandr – Tannenberg, Russia
2 Mikhaylov Ivan – Peresvet, Russia
3 Parshkov Aleksandr – Tannenberg, Russia

Girls 12-13 years:
1 Stetsenko Lada – Fencing school SWORD, Russia

Girls 14-15 years:
1 Shilova Mariya – Tannenberg, Russia
2 Wiktoria Sosna – Fight Club Niepokorni, Poland
3 Pavlova Valeriya – Northern Wolf, Russia

Girls 16-17 years:
1 Yargina Anastasiya – Northern Wolf, Russia
2 Ba?czyk Daria – Fight Club Niepokorni, Poland

In addition to the competitive part, workshop was held as part of the tournament. So, this year the seminar was divided into 2 parts. The first, led by Ali, dealt with the method of preparing athletes for a new 5 vs 5 category. Also, all participants were shown exercises related to general and special physical training. The second part was headed by 4-time world champion in HMB Aleksey Petrik from Russia. He demonstrated the basics of moving techniques in fencing with a sword and shield – the so-called footwork. During the workshop, photo and video were allowed, so all team representatives left with new material to develop their combat skills and training grounds.

The organizers are already seriously preparing for the next championship in 2019. Ali Askerov said that it will also be in Riga again. Negotiations are already underway with the local municipality. It is planned that the Championship will be held, as this year, in the Riga National Sports Arena. The huge complex accommodated all participants and fans. And according to Askerov, the familiar venue and cooperation with the local government will make it possible to qualitatively improve the tournament from year to year.

Ali Askerov:
“We are now ready to invite athletes to hospitable Riga to participate in the 3rd international HMB Soft championship for juniors“ Junior HMB Soft World Championship ”among HMB clubs and schools now.”

It’s important to mention that everyone is invited to the large training HMB Soft camp, which will be located on the area of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 in the Smederevo fortress (Belgrade, Serbia). In addition to training and all sorts of activities, there will be announced about many surprises that await the participants of the 3rd Junior HMB Soft World Championship among HMB clubs and schools.

More information about the training camp in the following publications. And now, in turn, once again congratulations to the winners of the competition!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania