Ilia Malyugin: steel as it is

13 Dec 2018 12:15
Our hero today is a fresh new face in steel fights but not in HMB sport. Ilia Malyugin is a member of the Peresvet HMB club. His first season of fighting in steel armour comes to an end. He practiced HMB Soft for many years and showed great results in tournaments. Now Ilia is 18 and he is taking his first steps in steel HMB.

Ilia was waiting for this moment and he has come! The young man dressed in steel armor entered the lists. Today Ilia has 40 fencing fights and 3 fights at the Donjon Cup. The young fighter is pleased with his transition to steel and boldly looks ahead.

Ilia Malyugin:
“In like the steel sport. Of course iIt is harder than in HMB Soft, but the victory is more precious. You understand that hard work is rewarded. I miss a bit of battles in soft armor, but, in general, we need to move on. We need to grow and improve. I really like to fight in duels, but it’s probably worth trying the buhurt fights. This is a very interesting experience”.

But HMB Soft is still part of his life. The new generation of fighters in soft armor is well acquainted with Ilia, and he helps them as much as possible. The guy even replaces the coach sometimes.

According to Ilia, HMB Soft gave him a lot, not only as an athlete, but also as a person.

Ilia Malyugin:
“HMB Soft gave me experience, but not only in terms of fights, physical shape or martial arts. An important aspect is moral preparation. When you fight often, you learn to stay calm and concentrated in any situation”.

Undoubtedly such skills will be useful in the lists and in a normal life without armour.

Courage, luck and much more are needed for such an important step as the transition from HMB Soft to HMB. After all, this is a tough, uncompromising and relentless sport. Our hero is not afraid and is ready to conquer the HMB tournaments.

HMBIA News wishes the young fighter victories and top opponents.

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