HMB Ukrainian championship: surprises and tough selection

19 Dec 2018 00:01
It is a hot time in the HMB movement around the world now. Qualifying tournaments for the formation of national teams started, and Ukraine is no exception. On Saturday, December 15, the HMB Ukrainian Open Championship took place in Kiev. The tournament received Buhurt Open status in the Buhurt League system.
100 participants came to win and to get a place in the National team. There were 2 female 5 vs 5 teams and 10 male teams for this category. Also there were 5 teams for the 12 vs 12 category.

Official Results of the Tournament are:
5 vs 5 female:
1) Karakal (the union of Tangar, Knyaz and Taurus HMB clubs)

5 vs 5 male:
1) Knyaz
2) Taurus
3) Naked Mummy team (the union of ?F?, Knekht and Triumph HMB clubs)

12 vs 12 male:
1) Taurus
2) Knyaz
3) Warriors of Light team

A huge number of spectators came to support Ukrainian fighters, and the tribune was filled with fans. In addition, representatives of the Ukrainian Federation of Medieval Battles expressed their support to participants at the opening ceremony of the championship. And thanks to the online broadcast, viewers from other countries could watch the Ukrainian athletes` fights.

According to Valeriy Voznyuk, captain of the National Team of Ukraine, there were some pleasant surprises to viewers and participants during the championship. Some teams have become the breakthrough of the tournament. Among those who really impressed was the Naked Mummy team. Its fighters, in spite of the absence of 2 key fighters, did not lose heart and took the 3rd place, defeating the strongest line-up of the Buhurttech.

Valery also noted individual fighters, the appearance of which made the participants of the championship nervous. For example, the return of Dmitry Kryuchko from the Knyaz HMB club, who did not go to the lists for a year.

Valeriy Voznyuk:
“Dmitry is one of the most experienced athletes and he showed a great level of fighting during the competitions. I noticed that the level of fighters has increased significantly. Considering that there was 1 group in which fights went in a circle among 10 teams, even towards the end the fights were intense and spectacular”.

The athletes themselves are critical to their fights. Ilyas Vyshutin, the fight captain and coach of the Knyaz club, noted that in general, he was pleased with the result, both for himself and for his team mates, but there is always a place for the improvement and something to work on.

Also, the captain of the national team of Ukraine focused on the fact that this year new clubs took part in the qualifying competitions, that means a positive trend in the development of HMB sport in the country.

And we just need to remind you that following results of the HMB Ukrainian Open Championship of Ukraine, teams in the categories 5 vs 5 and 12 vs 12 have already been selected. They will become a part of the National Team of Ukraine for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 in Serbia.


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