Paweł Kurzak: “We are the team and we fight for each other….. “

26 Dec 2018 22:25
Before Christmas, the “White Company” HMB club got an incredibly pleasant, but quite predictable gift. Severe UK guys won first place in the Buhurt League system ranking. The gift is not felt physically. You can’t put it to the full or hang it on the wall, but the way to it was very thorny and painful.
Pawe? Kurzak, the vice captain of “White Company” gave a short interview where he spoke about his feelings, thoughts and plans.

What was your first reaction when you saw that historical post from Buhurt League on Facebook?
– It was a very nice surprise that it was announced on Christmas but of course we knew the table. We constantly monitor every post from Buhurt League.

Are you proud of it?
– We are extremely proud, it took consistent effort for more than a year. Some of the tournaments we fought with 6 or even 5 fighters.

In how many tournaments has your team participated in season 2017-2018?
– It was 10 tournaments for the Buhurt League. Additionally we fought in the Battle of the Nations 2018 and one non league tournament in UK. We have won 5 out of 10 of those, took 2 place in 3 of them. The only tournament that we came lower was Dynamo Cup both 2017 and 2018.

Are you going to celebrate it?
– Probably we will put off any celebration until Buhurt Prime. We had a small break in our training after Dynamo Cup and now training had resumed and we’re aiming to prove ourselves in Monaco.

Have you some magic motivating speech for your team which you pronounce before the fights?
– White Company is the team that doesn’t need to be additionally motivated before the fights. Every tournament is a great motivation for us because we love to fight and we love to win. We talk before the fights and share experience and directions. I’m the second oldest member of the team and I think I have a good tactical sense and vision of the field. That’s why I think guys take on board what I say. Most importantly we are the team and we fight for each other and you can clearly feel it that.
The speeches are reserved for team UK because the level of fighters and motivation varies. Some fighters just needed to be reminded that it’s Wickes (builders’ market) and we don’t need a row of gap fillers but fighters.

Have you some strategy how to keep such a result?
– Strategy is simple. Get the group of people with common goal, bury your egos, train and fight, especially at the beginning fight as much as you can and fight with those better than you. Success will come.

Undoubtedly we should admit that such a simple and at the same time wise strategy will certainly bring results. Congratulations to the White Company HMB club and its vice captain Pawe? Kurzak on winning and will look forward to their next fights.

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