Obradovic, Serbia: “This is HISTORICAL and MEDIEVAL battle, not Fantasy Role-playing fight”
Well, we talked a lot about authenticity at the meeting in Prague. It seems that now people understand importance of authenticity more than a year ago. It is becoming very important aspect of HMB movement. And it makes me happy, because, after all, this is HISTORICAL and MEDIEVAL battle, not Fantasy Role-playing fight. Authenticity Committee […]
20 Jan 2015 09:18
Potryasov, Kyrgyzstan: “Work is in full swing, and we are doing everything possible to develop the HMB movement in our country”
We are registering HMB clubs now. As it has already been said, we have two of them, namely “Gvardiya” (“Guard”) and “Black Company”. Then, there will be an election of captain for the National Team of our country. After that, we’re going to proceed with the registration of “HMB Kyrgyzstan Association”. Also, we are currently […]
19 Jan 2015 12:20
Franco Bianchetti, Switzerland: “For all of us, this year was a test, and we’ve passed it!”
Debut of the full team was right at “Battle of the Nations”-2014. Before Croatia we went to some events or trainings, but never five fighters from Switzerland were together as one team vs another team. In general, I think, we had a good result. Of course it was possible to get a better one via […]
19 Jan 2015 12:18
Lönn, Finland: “I have a lot of faith in Finnish fighters and I promise a good fight to any team”
This year everyone who wanted to join Team Finland at “Battle of the Nations” could do so, because there was only a handful of fighters in the whole Finland. And we all had the worst armour imaginable… After “Battle of the Nations”-2014 we have improved our gear immensely and trained hard. Our fighters also participated […]
19 Jan 2015 09:15
Legionnaires in National Teams. The question is settled!
Legionnaires issue was one of the most actively disputed at the HMBIA summit held in Prague. Summit participants could vote for several options to solve the issue, in particular: 1. Allow team membership to fighters with citizenship or permanent residentship of the country; 2. Allow team membership to fighters with citizenship of the country; 3. […]
15 Jan 2015 09:28
Smith, Australia: “The team is ready to go!”
LOOK FORWARD “Battle of the Nations”-2015 I hope that my team will be larger, that we’ll have many new fighters, as well as some old faces, so I expect to, at least, reach the last year’s result and then surpass it, as we are speaking of “Battle of the Nations” where anything can happen! Of […]
12 Jan 2015 13:40
Prague Summit. One country – one National Team
Follow the International Olympic Committee! During the working meeting in Prague, participants faced several major issues and decisions they had to make will influence development vectors of HMBIA and World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”. Among them, there was a question concerning regulation of the formation of National Teams. According to the HMBIA, […]
12 Jan 2015 12:37
Murumets, Estonia: “For me it was the first time at “Battle of the Nations”, so I didn’t know what to expect”
MEMORY REMAINS “Battle of the Nations”-2014 I’m quite happy about the result, it was better than my expectations. Good results in buhurt and triathlon, for the first time at “Battle of the Nations.” For me it was the first time at “Battle of the Nations”, so I didn’t know what to expect. I only knew […]
12 Jan 2015 11:35
Chevasco Diaz, Argentina: “I also remember our chance to win a round in a battle against Ukraine”
MEMORY REMAINS “Battle of the Nations”-2014 A thing I remember best is the hospitality of the Italian team. They treated us like brothers-in-arms. I remember the two hardest fights we had against Team Italy. For me it was one of the most difficult fights in the whole tournament, because it was difficult to fight with […]
12 Jan 2015 09:24
HMBIA introduces rating system into HMB sport
The innovation was one of the topics discussed at the Prague Summit. The Elo rating system was taken as the basis. A vast amount of data, gathered over the years of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” holding, was processed by Ivan Koryagin (member of HMBIA Development Committee) who offered to reduce […]
05 Jan 2015 12:45
Orión Maldonado Reyes, Mexico: “The only real weapon for me is a fighter”
Orión Maldonado Reyes, fighter of “Dragones Grises” club, fighter of the National Team of Mexico      … Concerning his way to HMB I have been engaged in full contact fighting (Muay Thay, wushu, boxing etc.) for long. But when one of my friends told me about fighting in armor, I was stunned, I could […]
26 Dec 2014 00:44
Orión Maldonado Reyes, Mexico: “It’s nice to travel around the world and learn how other teams train, learn their styles and compare them in a good fight”
Our first appearance as Team Mexico took place at the Austrian Cup 2014. Great atmosphere, strong opponents – it was a good practice before “Battle of the Nations”-2014. Our second appearance on the international arena was at “BotN” in Trogir where we participated in “5 vs 5″ and “All vs Russia.” The most memorable battle… […]
23 Dec 2014 11:48
HMBIA makes the “21 vs 21″ category available to everyone
Every willing fighter or National Team will be able to take part in the royal “21 vs 21″ category at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015. Such an opportunity has become available for athletes after the HMBIA summit held in Prague (it took place at the end of November, 2014). By the […]
23 Dec 2014 10:10
Villani, Argentina: “I’m proud of my children that they choose such noble and hard hobby”
I have two children – Jade is 4 years old and Leon is 3 years old. And I can say that they`ve been in the middle of the Medieval movement since they were born. It is possible that in the future my children will take part in the competition as fighters. They have it in […]
22 Dec 2014 13:22
Gajdošík, Czech Republic: “Hope we will fight harder”
LOOK FORWARD “Battle of the Nations”-2015 I want our team to occupy a better position, hope we will fight harder and we will put more of our hearths in fights than ever before. I expect to meet some new National Teams on the lists which is good for our movement improving and spreading the message […]
22 Dec 2014 11:26
New women’s category will be represented at “Battle of the Nations”-2015
As you know, women participate in historical medieval battles. The World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014 even presented an official category – women’s “Triathlon”. Unfortunately, the National Teams of participating countries have not so many representatives of the fair sex in their compositions at the moment, but, according to the participating women, they […]
22 Dec 2014 11:19



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