Lönn, Finland: “I have a lot of faith in Finnish fighters and I promise a good fight to any team”

19 Jan 2015 09:15

This year everyone who wanted to join Team Finland at “Battle of the Nations” could do so, because there was only a handful of fighters in the whole Finland. And we all had the worst armour imaginable…

After “Battle of the Nations”-2014 we have improved our gear immensely and trained hard. Our fighters also participated in “Dynamo Cup” in Moscow and “The Rise of Knight” in Berlin to gather experience.

We will have the qualification tournament for the Team Finland in April of 2015, and there are several already registered teams.

Personally I have a lot of faith in Finnish fighters and I promise a good fight to any team which will face us on the lists. We have big expectations for “Battle of the Nations”-2015.

We would like to fight against all the teams, first of all to test our level of fighting. This year we fought against teams like Latvia, UK, Belarus and New Zealand. Next year I hope we’ll fight against some other teams.

As for me, I would like to fight more against the best teams like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In those matches you can learn a lot in short time. And also, your team’s and your own strong points and weaknesses become clearly visible.

In any case, we will be more than happy to fight against anyone and everyone.


Juri Lönn,
captain of the National team of Finland

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania