HMBIA introduces rating system into HMB sport

05 Jan 2015 12:45

The innovation was one of the topics discussed at the Prague Summit. The Elo rating system was taken as the basis. A vast amount of data, gathered over the years of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” holding, was processed by Ivan Koryagin (member of HMBIA Development Committee) who offered to reduce everything to the Elo’s factor.

Having analized the data, Koryagin offered this system of rating scoring, as the most appropriate to the requirements of HMB sport. Participants of the Prague summit supported the idea and set a trial period for the rating system, which will last until the holding of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015. HMBIA will collect and process statistics until that date. HMBIA representatives say the rating system will be applied to “1 vs 1″ and “5 vs 5″ categories. They also believe that the rating system will bring a lot of positive things to HMB sport, namely will add clarity and transparency to many respects.

– Ivan Koryagin, a member of HMBIA Development Committee:

“Any member of the HMB movement can get a card of HMBIA fighter, participate in open events and gain their own ratings. Situation is the same concerning teams – registered teams can participate under their names and gain their ratings. The process is the following – teams register their compositions at the beginning of the season and stick to them until the season ends. If a team (due to any reason) ceases its activity, the result is removed from the ratings, regardless of whether fighters join other teams or simply quit. The rating is bound not only to the NAME of the team, but also to its COMPOSITION.”

The rating system will also be advantageous to fighters, regardless of the team they represent.

– Ivan Koryagin, a member of HMBIA Development Committee:

“Individual ratings will give fighters an incentive to participate in the movement without any binding to specific championships like “Battle of the Nations.” A list of names on the rating will allow to monitor success of a particular fighter, make their personal statistics, thus adding to their recognizability. Team ratings, respectively, will help specific teams and clubs to achieve fame and recognition. However, it should be noted that the fighter can not represent different teams, registered in the team rating system, within one season. However, the fighter can be a member of the National Team and the team, registered in the rating system at the same time.”

In addition, HMBIA is confident that the Elo rating system is fairly objective, as there is no way to boost ratings drastically via speculations. In order to maintain high rating, you have to take part in tournaments and fight with equal rivals constantly, otherwise, in case of a long break in fighting, a fighter or team can be easily catched up and left behind.

An additional advantage of the innovation is in the fact that National Teams’ captains will be able to use the ratings for statistics collection, and, in addition to qualifying tournaments, get another tool to select the strongest fighters who will compete on the world stage of “Battle of the Nations.”

In addition to the individual ratings of teams and fighters, there’s also a regional rating. According to HMBIA Development Committee, making of the regional rating will give teams and fighters an opportunity to get interim titles of regional champions, competing with each other within one region. The rating will add importance to regional championships and inter-club events in Europe, North and South America and other regions all around the world.

By analogy with other sporting disciplines, the Association will be able to hold its own Champions League, which will gather the best National Teams and fighters, having high regional ratings.

Introduction of the rating system won’t change the format of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”, as well as the practice of holding qualifying events for the right to join the National Team.

Anticipating many questions, HMBIA says that the rating will not take into account results of official individual and group battles of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations.” The format of “Battle of the Nations” implies competition among the National Teams, which are formed anew every year, on the basis of qualifying tournaments results, so the results of fighters representing the National Team participating in “Battle of the Nations” add to the achievements of the National Team, and have nothing to do with the ratings of individual fighters or teams of whom it consists.

– Ivan Koryagin, a member of HMBIA Development Committee:

“We should start our work with the formation of regional ratings, as many regions have already established tournaments and it is relatively easy to gather statistics. Here I mean both the qualifiers for the Championship, and tournaments that are held in many cities with certain regularity. “

Organizing committees of all qualifying tournaments in Russia and Ukraine confirmed their participation in the trial period of the rating system establishment. Representatives of HMBIA are sure that soon the list will include other countries from around the world (where HMB tournaments are held).

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