Murumets, Estonia: “For me it was the first time at “Battle of the Nations”, so I didn’t know what to expect”

12 Jan 2015 11:35

“Battle of the Nations”-2014

I’m quite happy about the result, it was better than my expectations. Good results in buhurt and triathlon, for the first time at “Battle of the Nations.”

For me it was the first time at “Battle of the Nations”, so I didn’t know what to expect. I only knew that Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland had very strong teams, but I didn’t know much about other teams. Argentina, Finland, Australia were quite good. I didn’t expect so much from them, but they did quite a good job. Croatia was beautiful, nice beach and sea, but as for the heat, it was something that I wasn’t got used to. In Estonia, there is no such warm weather, so the battles were hard.

As for my team, the guys fought as good as they could and that was nice. Everybody did their best.

Every fight was memorable. As for buhurt, the fight against France 1 was quite hard, because they ran a lot and they had good fighters. Concerning triathlon, the hardest opponent was a Belarus fighter. He was really fast and had a good technique. The fight against Friesland was hard too, because I underestimated my opponent.

“Battle of the Nations”-2015… I should get a lighter armor for triathlon, because now I have buhurt armor which interferes with my fighting style. As for tactics, we have to improve it, as well as our stamina. We should analyze our weaknesses and strengths to improve our team’s fighting abilities for the next “Battle of the Nations.”


Jaan Murumets,
fighter of “Turm” club (Estonia),
fighter of the National Team of Estonia



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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania