Best women’s authentic costume
Dorotha Zalacha (Poland) – winner of the best women’s authentic costume contest
13 May 2016 13:24
Women’s Duel 1 vs 1 results
The results of women`s “Duel” category 1 vs 1 women duel 1 place – Kohvakko Galina (Russia) 2 place – Denise Brinkmann (Germany) 3 place – Golovina Marina (Russia)
12 May 2016 18:30
“Royal category” 21 vs 21 Mass Battles results
The results of 21vs21 “Mass Battles” category 21 vs 21 1 place – Russia 2 place – Ukraine 3 place – Belarus
12 May 2016 18:17
Men’s “Polearm duel” 1 vs 1 results
The results of men`s 1 vs 1 “Polearm duel” category polearm men 1 place – Evgeniy Baranov (Belarus) 2 place – Jeff Gallie (USA) 3 place – Aleksey Nayderov (Russia)
12 May 2016 17:50
Women`s 3 vs 3 “Group Battles” results
The results of women`s 3 vs 3 “Group Battles” category Women 3×3 1st place – Ukraine 2nd place – Russia 3rd place – France
12 May 2016 17:40
Women`s “Polearm duel” 1 vs 1 results
The results of women`s “Polearm duel” category 1 place – Obade Ekaterina (Moldova) 2 place – Grabovskaya Olga (Ukraine) 3 place – Abdullaeva Alina (Russia)  
12 May 2016 11:16
Men’s Duel 1 vs 1 results
1vs1 1 place – Russia 2 (Aleksey Petrik) 2 place – Russia 1 (Sergey Ukolov) 3 place – Russia 3 (Nadezhdin Aleksandr)
12 May 2016 11:14
5 vs 5 category final results
09 May 2016 14:31
5 vs 5 group battles results
08 May 2016 13:31
Alberto Baal Jimenez, Mexico: “We have been strengthening our teamwork “
HMB-sport had grown in México! According to Alberto Baal Jimenez (captain of the National Team of Mexico), there are 7 different clubs now and 36 registered fighters. Alberto Baal Jimenez, captain of the National Team of Mexico: “Each club has its own trainning method. We upgraded our armours and we are trying different styles of […]
26 Apr 2016 11:12
“НMB Soft” training camp at the Battle of the Nations – 2016
Dear friends! Historical Medieval Battle International Association presents: on 6th May in Prague as a part of World Championship Battle of the Nations will be held unique “HMB Soft” training camp. During 4 days programme there will be training and theoretical classes for the youngest participants from the national teams. Also in schedule will be […]
17 Apr 2016 10:10
Antonio De Zio, Italy: “…I’m pretty satisfied with the result”
The Italian team is ready for HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2016. According to Antonio De Zio, captain of National team of Italy, his team is planning to take part in “1vs1″, “5vs5″ and “21vs21″ categories. They worked hard to prepare theirselves. Antonio De Zio, captain of National team of Italy: “The Italian team […]
14 Apr 2016 12:08
HMB Full-contact tournament, Warsaw: How Polish national team prepares for the Battle of the Nations
One of the most interesting HMB tournaments in Poland “HMB Full-contact tournament” took place in Warsaw 04.02.2016. Arena was assembly in modern sport hall CRS Bielany. This tournament was an excellent workout for the Polish National Team. A chance to look at the selected fighters of the categories “5 vs 5″ and exercise category “Massive […]
11 Apr 2016 11:05
Iturrieta, Chile: “I like this discipline from the first day and I doubt I will ever stop fighting”
HMB-movement in Chile grows very fast. So HMBIA News decided to introduce one of the top-fighters of the country. Her name is Karla Gatica Iturrieta, more known as “Loba”. She is 26 years old and she is a part of the “Batallón Draconia” – HMB-club for a little longer than 3 years. Loba has witnessed […]
01 Apr 2016 17:59
HMBIA welcomes new international marshals!
Traditional HMB-marshal’s summit has been held 26th of March in Riga, Latvia. This meeting was led by the Head of the marshal Committee for the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2016 Alexander Davydov During the summit the following issues were discussed: 1. General information about HMBIA and the place of the marshal committee in […]
28 Mar 2016 12:44
Pohl, Czech Republic: “One of first experiences with HMB was buhurt “150 vs 150″. It hurts!”
History of HMB-movement in Czech Republic started in 2012. Josif Pohl, head of HMB-movement there, remembered this time and was glad to tell HMBIA News about it. Josif Pohl, captain of Czech Republic National team, head of HMB- movement in Czech Republic: “It was 4 years ago, when group of my friends including me, was […]
23 Mar 2016 17:44



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