Gremov, Estonia: “It’s difficult to get that amount of adrenaline being engaged in any other activity”
Ivan Gremov, fighter of the “K.A.R.U.” club (Estonia), fighter of the National Team of Estonia … Concerning his way to HMB sport Before I came to HMB, I dealt with role-playing games and battles on very light and safe “foam rubber”, then was wood, metal, and all those activities required better armor. In general, from […]
12 Mar 2015 09:04
Quayle, UK: “Paintings on helmets give inspiration to fighters who are on the lists”
In our team there is some kind of tradition – fighters have nicknames. I have a shark’s mouth painted on my helm. So, I got a nickname “Sharky”. Fans and the crowd here in the UK find it easy to spot me when I`m fighting. The crowd love it! I love this name and think […]
11 Mar 2015 09:14
Oscar de la Parra, Mexico: “My role in buhurts is to be tank, my priority is to withstand blows”
I use a XIVth-century Western European harness. It consists of a Kusnacht brigandine with splinted rerebraces, vambraces, cuisses and greaves. Most of the armour is stainless steel, so maintenance is easy. The helmet is made of 10-12ga mild steel, it is a visored bascinet with a scale aventail. I prefer scales over riveted maille because […]
10 Mar 2015 12:22
Chevasco Diaz, Argentina: “We need to be calm and think hard fighting against the best… ”
We are looking forward to the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2015. It’s the new challenge for us. It can show who we are and we can see our weaknesses. We start fighting with the best opponents after two years of our participation in “Battle of the Nations”. We have a hard lot in […]
10 Mar 2015 11:18
Bailey, UK: “We worked hard to perfect the support group”
My teammates and many people from the HMB movement know me as John Little. I love this nickname. I was the official John Little of Sherwood Forest for 2 years. At first, I performed at some shows around the country, then I was one of the main characters at a re-enactment in Sherwood Forest which […]
06 Mar 2015 13:37
Lightbody, Australia: “I’m going to have a bash with everyone…”
My goal for the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2015 is to participate in every fight I can. It’s a long way to go, so I’m going to make the most of it and have a bash with everyone. I do a lot of physical conditioning, so I have the endurance to fight all […]
06 Mar 2015 11:32
Online-registration for “Battle of the Nations”-2015 is open!
Registration is compulsory for participants of the festival! To the participants of sixth annual World Championship on Historical Medieval Battle “Battle of the Nations”-2015 attention! From 2nd of March 2015 compulsory online registration for all participants at “Battle of the Nations” website ( is open. To register necessary to do followed 1. Follow the link: […]
02 Mar 2015 20:09
Orión Maldonado Reyes, Mexico: “It is the best opportunity to test myself in fights and break through the limits of my mind“
My personal goal is to have one professional fight with, at least, one fighter from every participating country at “Battle of the Nations” this year. It sounds crazy, but for me it is a personal challenge and the best opportunity to test myself in fights and break through the limits of my mind. Concerning my […]
02 Mar 2015 11:22
Morgulis, Israel: “Nothing can prepare us better for “Battle of the Nations” than buhurts”
I am very pleased that the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015 will be held in Prague, which is one of my favorite cities. A central location, very close thematically, it’s an ultimate decision! The city charges you with positive energy, and that is exactly what you need at “Battle of the Nations”! […]
02 Mar 2015 10:18
Eme, France: “I especially like the team aspect”
Edouard Eme, captain of “Martel” club (France), captain of the National Team of France       – Tell us, please, about your way to HMB sport. What does full contact fighting in armor mean to you? How long have you been engaged in it? – For me, fighting in armor is the most beautiful […]
24 Feb 2015 14:39
Gajdošík, Czech Republic: “Contact fighting means life for me!”
Tomáš Gajdošík, fighter of “SKSKBP” club, fighter of the National Team of Czech Republic … Concerning his way to HMB sport My way to HMB was quite the same as other guys from our team had. I had been engaged in medieval reenactment for about 10 years, so when I heard about HMB as a […]
24 Feb 2015 11:26
Quayle, UK: “Willingness to help progress other teams is the most impressive thing”
“Battle of the Nations”-2014 held in Croatia left me and my team unforgettable impressions. We got a lot of precious experience from fighting and watching other teams’ fights. I can tell about my impressions concerning other teams. First of all, fighting with Russia was an experience that we all needed. It showed me how much […]
20 Feb 2015 12:33
Bykov, Estonia: “We want to test new methods of training at “Battle of the Nations”-2015″
Everyone regularly asks us, “What do you expect from “Battle of the Nations”-2015?” But we do not have a clear answer! We expect surprises, meetings with new and old strong competitors, difficult and exhausting battles in the daytime and unrestrained fun in the evening! At the last “Battle of the Nations” our five-member team was […]
17 Feb 2015 12:41
Ukraine. Qualifiers for “Battle of the Nations”-2015 – Results
A Qualifying Tournament for the right to join Team Ukraine and participate in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015. February 14-15. Category “5 vs 5” – Results: 1-st place. “Ayna Bera-1, club Ayna Bera” 2-d place. “Garmata”, club “Knyaz” 3-d place. “Sharukhan-Rarog” “Sharukhan” and “Rarog” clubs 4-th place. “Keshikten, club Keshikten” 5-th […]
17 Feb 2015 11:38
Toro, Chile: “We will fight, that’s what we do and what we love”
I am the “pioneer” of this sport in my country. So, my friends and I had to solve some legal formalities to validate HMB in our country. As we are a South American country, we do not have medieval traditions, so it’s hard for the local society to accept combat in armor. We followed the […]
13 Feb 2015 10:47
R.Szatecki, Poland: “This feeling is unforgettable!”
The HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” is the only event in the world where it is possible to fight with all the best knight fighters of the world. It is hard to find one main opponent. Last year at “Battle of the Nations”-2014, in Trogir, all three Russian fighters were out of our […]
12 Feb 2015 12:58



1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania