Ukraine. Qualifiers for “Battle of the Nations”-2015 – Results
A Qualifying Tournament for the right to join Team Ukraine and participate in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015. February 14-15. Category “5 vs 5” – Results: 1-st place. “Ayna Bera-1, club Ayna Bera” 2-d place. “Garmata”, club “Knyaz” 3-d place. “Sharukhan-Rarog” “Sharukhan” and “Rarog” clubs 4-th place. “Keshikten, club Keshikten” 5-th […]
17 Feb 2015 11:38
Toro, Chile: “We will fight, that’s what we do and what we love”
I am the “pioneer” of this sport in my country. So, my friends and I had to solve some legal formalities to validate HMB in our country. As we are a South American country, we do not have medieval traditions, so it’s hard for the local society to accept combat in armor. We followed the […]
13 Feb 2015 10:47
R.Szatecki, Poland: “This feeling is unforgettable!”
The HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” is the only event in the world where it is possible to fight with all the best knight fighters of the world. It is hard to find one main opponent. Last year at “Battle of the Nations”-2014, in Trogir, all three Russian fighters were out of our […]
12 Feb 2015 12:58
Tidwell, Germany: “We are not willing to be content with the last year’s result”
I am currently training just like athletes in other types of sports, I prepare from one event to the next. Before I focus on the World Championship, I must first stand the test of fire in the preparation tournaments. The toughest one will be in Prague in February. But, of course, I’m looking forward to […]
12 Feb 2015 12:52
France. Qualifiers for “Battle of the Nations”-2015
March 7-8, 2015 France, allée Victor Gardeur, 02400, Château-Thierry A Qualifying Tournament for the right to join Team France and participate in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015 Saturday, March 7, 2015 – “5 vs 5″ battles Sunday, March 8, 2015 – “1 vs 1″ fights Plan of the day: arrival of […]
12 Feb 2015 11:45
Igor Cosic, Serbia: “It`s important to bring as more fighters to Prague as we can”
I think that Prague is one of the best places for such an event as the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations-2015! The city has great history and culture, nice people live there… I can hardly wait for the Championship. I can tell you a little secret – to tell the truth, my […]
10 Feb 2015 11:37
Rabito, Spain: “We are planning to visit “Battle of the Nations”-2015 in Prague”
HMB sport is developing quite actively in our country. Now we have around 40 armored fighters and many interested in medieval combat who are getting their first armor. Our National organization “Liga de Combate Medieval” includes around 8 clubs from Spain. This year we’ve already had our first National League tournament in Belmonte Castle. It […]
10 Feb 2015 09:11
Zhai, China: “I hope to bring honor to my country”
Well, the first time I start my cold weapon hobby and formed my own team was four years ago. Then I heard about the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” and I was deeply attracted by the video from the tournament. I was on a kind of way when I didn’t know what to […]
06 Feb 2015 11:41
Galina Kohvakko, Russia: “My guarantee of victory is speed and intelligence”
Galina Kohvakko, fighter of “Tannenberg” club (Russia), fighter of National Team of Russia, twice champion of Russia, twice champion of the CIS, silver medalist of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2014      … Concerning her way to HMB sport I started my participation in HMB competitions in 2010. For me, full […]
06 Feb 2015 10:29
Moser, Austria: “I would love to fight against Russia again, as I learned a lot during our two short rounds in Trogir”
At the moment, I’m preparing myself for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2015. I don’t really have a training secret, my training focuses on cardio and strength. Basically, I plan to compete in the “5 vs 5” category, but I would also like to take part in “1 vs 1” instead. It depends […]
04 Feb 2015 12:44
Loborec, Croatia: “We are better prepared than last year and now we can enter a fight without fear and nervousness”
We like the idea that the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015 will be held in Prague, since it is close to us and we will have an opportunity to go there. Also, Prague is a very historic city with a great medieval background and holding the Championship there will be a great […]
04 Feb 2015 10:54
Jhancy Ortega, Mexico: “I try to do as much as possible for our team”
I’m going to support my team at the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2015! I try to do as much as possible for our team. In fact, all the civil medieval clothes and base of the armour they used at “Battle of the Nations”-2014 were made by me! The colors that I used were […]
03 Feb 2015 10:14
Glendinning, the United Kingdom: “We can’t wait to see our brothers and sisters from all the other teams in 2015”
My expectations for the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015 are very high. The Summit held in Prague highlighted how well “Battle of the Nations” is doing internationally. I think, this year’s Championship will offer new exciting things. Team UK is excited and I know many can’t wait to get back to fighting […]
27 Jan 2015 12:58
HMBIA rating system: ready!
The first HMB Rating Tournaments practicing a new algorithm for rating calculation will be held already in January 2015. HMBIA launches the new rating system for HMB fighters and teams. It is based on the Elo rating system adapted to HMB features. Innovation touches “1vs1″, “5vs5″ and “21vs21″ categories. This system is as objective as […]
27 Jan 2015 11:02
Sergheev, Moldova: “We brought not only wonderful memories, but also useful combat experience”
Team Moldova really wants to go to “Battle of the Nations” again, because it is one of the most important events concerning the world of Historical Medieval Battle in 2015. Our participation in the Championship of 2014 was very useful. We brought not only wonderful memories, but also a useful combat experience, which should help […]
26 Jan 2015 09:08
Tapsell, New Zealand: “We want to meet Teams Ukraine and Russia on the lists, because we will only get better by fighting with the best”
We are really looking forward to coming to the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015. We hope to get a better place than the 16th one got by us in 2014, and hope to join Australia in the category of “21 vs 21”. Of course, we train hard to become much better fighters […]
23 Jan 2015 13:54



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