“Beautiful, practical … and very authentic!”
It is one of the principles of the HMBIA Authenticity Committee. Its aim is to help participants of the Championship to comply with one of the main ideas of “Battle of the Nations.” Committee’s attention is focused on armor, weapons, clothing and life of festival participants. The Committee begins its work long before “Battle of […]
22 Aug 2014 15:35
How to join the National Team of your country?
Frequently Asked Questions – HMBIA Presidium: It is a great honor and responsibility for every fighter of a National Team to participate in the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. To become a member of the National Team, a fighter has to go through certain stages. The first stage is entry into a club […]
21 Aug 2014 13:46
Jimenez, Mexico: “We had no idea what to expect, we prepared for it, and did the best we can”
For Mexico, it was the first Battle of the Nations, and the first time we participated in a sport event like this. So, we had no idea what to expect, we prepared for it, and did the best we could. So I must say, we are very satisfied, we proved ourselves and we made a […]
21 Aug 2014 12:43
Armor issue. Documentary sources, credibility and compliance
Frequently Asked Questions – HMBIA Authenticity Committee: The question here is what can we call a “source?” For example, many call a source some pictures depicting elements of armor, ignoring the fact that they belong to the XXI-st century and have nothing to do with history. Ideally, the most credible source is an artifact kept […]
21 Aug 2014 10:39
First steps in choosing armor
One of the main problems faced by a novice reenactor is a lack of information concerning certain artifacts. The Internet can come to an aid. In the Russian-language segment of the World Wide Web the most popular resource is “Tozhe Forum» ( It has a vast amount of information dedicated to historical reenactment. Forum members […]
20 Aug 2014 14:37
How to participate in the HMB World Championships “Battle of the Nations”?
Frequently Asked Questions – HMBIA Presidium: You can take part in “Battle of the Nations” in several ways and play different roles. First of all, you can get to the Championship as a fighter of the National Team of your country. For that, you have to go through qualifying tournaments and qualify for the main […]
20 Aug 2014 11:31
What is “Battle of the Nations”?
Frequently Asked Questions Battle of the Nations is the biggest festival of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages, within which the World Championship in historical medieval battle is held. It’s a new and unique cultural and sporting movement. HMBIA (Historical Medieval Battle International Association) has been successfully holding Battle of the Nations for 5 years. […]
19 Aug 2014 13:27
Selection of armor. How to start?
Frequently Asked Questions – HMBIA Authenticity Committee: Historical medieval battle is a collective sport. Few novices are capable of choosing a good set of armor. Usually beginners rely on the views of their more experienced mates. However, it’s not nice to put all the responsibility on the friends, a person has to make at least […]
18 Aug 2014 12:15
Ilyas Vyshutin, Ukraine: “Anthem of Ukraine played on bagpipes is better than an energy drink!”
  Our National Team had a nice support group at “Battle of the Nations”! We saw the Ukrainian flag in the stands, and the Ukrainian national anthem played on bagpipes was better than an energy drink. I know that the support group was organized by Konstantin Parkhomenko, and we’re grateful for that! Guys from the […]
18 Aug 2014 10:10
Importance of authenticity will increase
In previous years the Committee was quite loyal to a non-compliance of sets to documentary sources. Also, there was a rule of the first year, when no harsh sanctions were applied to a new national team (the only exception was when the discrepancies were vast). Registration for “Battle of the Nations”-2015 will begin earlier, about […]
15 Aug 2014 09:09
A borderline between historicity and aesthetics
Frequently Asked Questions – HMBIA Authenticity Committee: New national teams can get advice from HMBIA. The Authenticity Committee has a group on Facebook ( which contains a lot of materials and people can ask questions about their armor. There is a significant number of sets, especially European ones, which are authentic and aesthetic, and offer […]
14 Aug 2014 11:22
Igor Cosic, Serbia: “Our greatest victory is not that over our opponents but over ourselves”
This year Team Serbia has finally came to HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014! This was result of our common effort and… sacrifice, and fulfillment of our wish… And it was great! Much better than we hoped! As every new team we had a lot of problems along the way. But I`m glad that […]
14 Aug 2014 11:16
Authenticity desire, or what is better – complete historicity or buhurt optimization?
Frequently Asked Questions – HMBIA Authenticity Committee: This is a rather controversial issue, and discussions on this topic will be continuous, because if we want to practise sport, there will be things that are more adapted for the sport then, one way or another. For example, a bascinet with a peak, which, in general, is […]
13 Aug 2014 16:14
Edouard Eme, France: “We realize that next year we will start the competition among the veteran teams, so we can’t take the risk to send beginners”
I think the organization was better than usual, with good coordination and communication. Unfortunately we came with a very small team, but we are satisfied with our results. We won all our fights with big scores on the first day, and defeated two Polish teams (Poland 2 and 3). Winning the award for a team […]
13 Aug 2014 11:12
Authenticity in historical reenactment and its relation to the HMBIA rules
Frequently Asked Questions – HMBIA Authenticity Committee: Authenticity of armor is a historical proof of every element of armor, presence of any supporting evidence, for example archaeological finds, preserved artifacts, engravings, images – anything that confirms that an element really existed. In addition, if it is not a material object, but, for example, an engraving, […]
12 Aug 2014 12:10
Rob McIntyre, New Zealand: “We’ve got experience to share”
This year our national team has got maximum experience participating in different tournaments. Two our fighters and me planned a grand trip to Europe and European tournaments. And we made our plans come true! In addition to the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014, we participated in a tournament in Austria (Austrian Cup), and […]
12 Aug 2014 11:05



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