How to participate in the HMB World Championships “Battle of the Nations”?

20 Aug 2014 11:31

Frequently Asked Questions

HMBIA Presidium:

You can take part in “Battle of the Nations” in several ways and play different roles.

First of all, you can get to the Championship as a fighter of the National Team of your country. For that, you have to go through qualifying tournaments and qualify for the main squad. The National Team applies for participation in the Championship sending its request to HMBIA organizing committee, but every member of the Team has to go through the same registration procedure as well (it does not take much time). An applicant has to comply with the physical and psychological parameters (a person must have a permission issued by a doctor allowing to participate in HMB).

Concerning equipment, every fighter has to have an appropriate set of armor and weapons. The set must be authentic, aesthetic, and safe. And every fighter has to know the fighting rules of all categories of the tournament (“1 vs 1″, “5 vs 5″ and “21vs 21″)!

Secondly, civil participants supporting fighters of the National Team at “Battle of the Nations” can take part in the event. They live in authentic camps, wear medieval costumes, experience romance of the Middle Ages and are always in the center of the action.

Also, you can take part in the Championship as an organizer or volunteer. To do this, you need to contact HMBIA in advance in any convenient way, namely via our pages in the social networks, website or by sending us an email at We will be glad to consider any type of cooperation.

You can also come to “Battle of the Nations” as a tourist and plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, see brave warriors and beautiful ladies walking around the authentic camp, observe exciting full-contact fighting in armor …

As you can see, there are many ways of getting to the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”! The choice is yours!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania