First steps in choosing armor

20 Aug 2014 14:37

One of the main problems faced by a novice reenactor is a lack of information concerning certain artifacts. The Internet can come to an aid. In the Russian-language segment of the World Wide Web the most popular resource is “Tozhe Forum» ( It has a vast amount of information dedicated to historical reenactment. Forum members discuss armor, costumes, household items very actively. Novices can get detailed information (with illustrations, links to corresponding sources and photos of ready kits) concerning armor they are interested in. If some data are not available, you can always ask veterans of the forum.

The English-speaking audience visits a site called «The Armour Archive» ( providing comprehensive materials for both the beginners and experienced fighters. Also, a lot of information can be found on the social networks, web pages of historical reenactment clubs. Or, you can ask HMBIA Authenticity Committee (

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1st-4th July
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