Sweden keeps training
The Swedish team got new fighting experience after the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Italy. Jonas Balkefors – a captain of the National Team of Sweden told us about their workout routine after the championship. Jonas Balkefors: “We usually have more soft kit trainings after tournaments trying new technics and tactics […]
16 Jun 2018 19:10
Champion`s meeting on the “Battle of the Nations”-2018
Young athletes, winners of world championships in HMB Soft, met the best HMB athletes of the world for Russia – Alexey Petrik, Sergey Ukolov and Ilya Ivanov. The champions visited the HMB Soft arena and talked with the guys.   Particularly, young athletes were interested in the champions’ training process; they asked how the fighters […]
15 Jun 2018 00:48
Alexey Petrik: “The secret of success is simple”
Alexey Petrik from Russia became the world champion in HMB for the third time in 2018. Additionally, Alexey is a four-time champion of Russia as well. His fights are reviewed and analyzed by HMB athletes all around the world. What is the secret of such successful performances? According to Alexey, the secret is simple.   […]
13 Jun 2018 16:12
Country in numbers – the story of Hungary
2014 was a year, when HMB found out about the Hungarians. György Sárközi, a fighter of the National Team of Hungary, told about the HMB statistics in his country. – When did the HMB start in Hungary? How was it? About five-six years ago we saw fights of our compatriot Ádámffy Zsigmond as a member […]
12 Jun 2018 17:15
Sergey Ukolov about the “21 vs 21″ category
A unique event occurred at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018! Sergey Ukolov, one of the most titled HMB athletes in the world, entered the lists in the buhurt category “21 vs 21″ as a member of the Russian team. Such an event could not be overlooked, because Sergey usually represents his […]
11 Jun 2018 19:11
Harvey Palmer: “Swordwork is the poetry of my life”
He is a well-known person within the HMB community. He is the captain of the National Team of a huge country and with honor performs his duty to the fighters. He is emotional, but it’s very motivating before the fight. Today we will talk about Harvey Palmer, the captain of the USA National Team, also […]
07 Jun 2018 16:55
“Old Tallinn Cup”: results and impressions
Estonia host “Old Tallinn Cup” on June 2, 2018. This is not the first event in this field, and it traditionally took place during the “Tallinn Old Town Days” festival. There were profights and “3 vs 3″ buhurts, both male and female. Representatives of 13 teams from such countries as Estonia, Russia, Finland, Israel, Poland, […]
06 Jun 2018 15:09
The secret weapon of the National Team of UK
UK team was satisfied with the results of this year World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. Antony Lamsdell, the President of the British Buhurt Federation told about it. He noticed that “Battle of the Nations”-2018 was very successful, and their team finally took a medal in the “21 vs 21″ category. He is also proud […]
05 Jun 2018 17:54
Alexander Jost: “Fighters who join our club are joining a family”
“Iron Lions”, the HMB club from Germany, is one of the biggest clubs in this country. This club occupies high positions in Germany and has a corresponding reputation. Their captain was even honored to lead the National Team of Germany at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018.   Its history started in […]
04 Jun 2018 17:13
A movie about HMB in Argentina: “Choose your weapons and prepare yourselves, this is going to be hurt!”
“From Buenos Aires to Prague. From training in public squares to the World Championship. This is the story of a group of men and women with a unique obsession: Historical Medieval Battles. A brand new sport in which fighters face each other covered with armors and armed with axes, swords, helmets and a full arsenal. […]
30 May 2018 10:24
Debutants of the “Battle of the Nations”: impressions
Sweden took part in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” for the first time. Jonas Balkefors – the captain of the Sweden National Team told that it was so much more than expected. Even though he has been in steel fighting for four years and been doing martial arts the most part […]
22 May 2018 19:28
Flavio Lopes: “This is a “dream comes true” for all my friends from Brazil and me”
The World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 is the third one for Flavio Lopes from Brazil and during all these years Brazilians have been gathering fighting experience and making new friends. Furthermore, they discuss new projects and opportunities for cooperation between countries. Flavio Lopes: “I have made new friends, and I have met […]
21 May 2018 17:22
Ali Askerov: “The level of the fighters’ skills has grown ….”
The level of mastery and discipline of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” participants has grown significantly this year as it was told by HMBIA Marshal Ali Askerov. He also noted that the culture of sports has grown. Ali Askerov: “The level of discipline among the fighters has increased in comparison with […]
18 May 2018 18:03
Who is best of the best?
Traditionally, the “Battle of the Nations” awards are given to fighters in individual non-combat categories. Particularly, the representatives of France, Russia and Ukraine received awards in the following categories: Best fighter (male): 1. Sergey Kuritsyn (Russia) 2. Adrien Bedot (France) Best fighter (female): 1. Svetlana Fedorova (Russia) 2. Irina Ilnitskaya (Ukraine) Our congratulations to the […]
07 May 2018 14:09
Medal ranking at the “Battle of the Nations” – 2018
The National Team of Russia won in the medal standings of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of Nations” -2018. Russians took 14 gold, three silver and five bronze medals. Russia confirmed its status as the World champions in HMB again this year. Ukraine took the second place. The National Team of this country has […]
07 May 2018 14:06
The results of mass battles “21 vs 21″
The most expected category is, traditionally, the Royal battles in “21 vs 21″ came to an end. It was the last fighting of the 4th day of the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018. Here are the results: 1. Russia 2. Ukraine 3. UK So, Russia is the World Champion in this category […]
07 May 2018 12:13



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