Country in numbers – the story of Hungary

12 Jun 2018 17:15
2014 was a year, when HMB found out about the Hungarians. György Sárközi, a fighter of the National Team of Hungary, told about the HMB statistics in his country.

– When did the HMB start in Hungary? How was it?
About five-six years ago we saw fights of our compatriot Ádámffy Zsigmond as a member of Croatian team. This and the videos from earlier “Battle of the Nations” inspired us to make our first National Team and the Buhurt society, including all the clubs, who want to be a part of the wonderful world of the buhurt.

– How many Clubs are in your country?
There are three big clubs and many little ones. The “Ferreus Lupus” HMB club is the oldest, a half of our National Team is from it.

– How many fighters are in the clubs in general?
About 10-15 fighters in big clubs, five-eight fighters in average in the smaller clubs.

– How many certificated national and international Marshals do you have?
We don’t have Marshals, every member wants to fight. In our tournaments the Marshals are from our fighters, and the counters too.

– Are there any kind of rivalry between the clubs?
No, we are like a big family. Our tournaments like a big barbeque.

– How do you evaluate the qualification level of fighters in your country? Could you please describe with some examples?
We have lot of qualification tournaments, and our captain Ujvári Ádám decides, who will be a part of our National Team.

– How many tournaments have been held in 2017?
About six bigger and some smaller ones.

– Do you have particularly strong outstanding fighters? Could you tell about them?
We have some fighters, who participated in this year profights at Santa Severa. Every team member is good with their weapons.

Summarize and plans for the future:
We would like to have more fighters, and some sponsors to available ones.

– What was new in the HMB movement in Hungary last year?
We have lot of new members, sponsors, tournaments, more quality armors.

– Do fighters treat HMB as a hobby or as a serious kind of sport and try to gain skills as much as possible?
We do it as a hobby and a lifestyle too. But we have our daily work. In the future we would like to improve ourselves to trainers, and we would like to make a quality, and strong supply from our younger fighters.

– What are the tasks in developing HMB for the nearest future?
We would like to organize more competitions, “5 vs 5″ group fights, more fighters from abroad, and some good international profights.

So, as we can see, HMB movement in Hungary has a future, and they are moving forward with big steps. We will inform you about the tournaments in this country. We thank György Sárközi for the interview and wish Hungarian HMB athletes good fights and great victories.

Photos by Dalmadi Andrea


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