Flavio Lopes: “This is a “dream comes true” for all my friends from Brazil and me”

21 May 2018 17:22
The World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 is the third one for Flavio Lopes from Brazil and during all these years Brazilians have been gathering fighting experience and making new friends. Furthermore, they discuss new projects and opportunities for cooperation between countries.

Flavio Lopes:
“I have made new friends, and I have met old ones. It’s a lot of people. Finally, I met Bryce from Australia. I know him on-line for a year. I met the USA captain, now we are talking about making big tournament together. We are trying to do something you all have here”.

Flavio noticed that being on the “Battle of the Nations” is a “dream comes true” for him and for all his teammates. He mentioned that it is very expensive for them to take part in such competition.

“This is a dream for us, and every minute here is happiness. Of course, sometimes something happens, but we understand that the organization team is doing their best for us. We are very grateful for all the treatment that we receive here from all of you. We are in love with you”.

We are sure that the Brazilian athletes in cooperation with other countries will organize a number of big international tournaments that will gather many tough fighters, and we will see great fights under the bright Brazilian sun.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania