“Old Tallinn Cup”: results and impressions

06 Jun 2018 15:09

Estonia host “Old Tallinn Cup” on June 2, 2018. This is not the first event in this field, and it traditionally took place during the “Tallinn Old Town Days” festival.

There were profights and “3 vs 3″ buhurts, both male and female. Representatives of 13 teams from such countries as Estonia, Russia, Finland, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Latvia, the Czech Republic and China fought for gold in the men’s buhurt. In addition, six teams from Estonia, Russia, Finland, Israel, Poland, England, Denmark, Ukraine, Germany fought for the victory in the women’s buhurt. The tournament ended with such results:

Male “3 vs 3″:
1. “Solid Oaks” (Russia)
2. “Naked Mummy” (Ukraine)
3. “Warriors of Light” (Ukraine)

Female “3 vs 3″:
1. Cruiser “Aurora” (Russia)
2. “Wild Fury” (Estonia)
3. “Kivuttaret” (Finland)

WMFC profight results:
Olga Saykina (Nürnberg club) VS Valeria Magdenko (Tangar club)
The winner is Valeria Magdenko

Denise Töpfer (Decima club) VS Yulia Roschak (Tangar club)
The winner is Denise Töpfer

Dmitri Krasnov (Paladin club) VS Jaan Murumets
The winner is Dmitri Krasnov
Lukas Jerabek VS Kirill Lubinets (Tangar club)
The winner is Kirill Lubinets
Vjateseslav Burygin VS Andrzej Studencki
The winner is Vjateseslav Burygin
Dmitri Krasnov (Paladin club)VS Konstantin Natalukha (Tamerlan club)
The winner is Dmitri Krasnov

Svetlana Fedorova, Russia:
“Our team called “Cruiser “Aurora” headed by Tatiana Derbenyova, participated in the female “3 vs 3″ category. There were six teams – wonderful opponents, great fights. Organization team from “Nordburg” HMB club did a great job, this event was unbelievable. I hope to participate in it next year”.

According to the participants, despite the relatively young age of the tournament, this year the “Old Tallinn Cup” was held for the third time, it has already got a brilliant reputation among the HMB teams of the CIS countries and Europe. Athletes also noted that the tournament invariably confirms the set high standards.


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