Alexey Petrik: “The secret of success is simple”

13 Jun 2018 16:12
Alexey Petrik from Russia became the world champion in HMB for the third time in 2018. Additionally, Alexey is a four-time champion of Russia as well. His fights are reviewed and analyzed by HMB athletes all around the world. What is the secret of such successful performances? According to Alexey, the secret is simple.
Alexey Petrik:
“The victory in the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” is the first and foremost, is a victory over yourself. The secret of success is simple – the systematic trainings, the most difficult is to train when you are morally fatigued, when you even can`t look at the armor and if you do not break down at this moment, you will be able to achieve a lot”.
Alexey teaches children in his HMB school that you have to work hard for the success. Young athletes show good results and win medals in tournaments of various levels due to the regular trainings and constant work on themselves. Additionally, seeing the battles of their trainer, they are dreaming of removing the soft armor and clothed in steel ones.
We can say for sure that constant trainings are not a secret for anyone in HMB! That’s why our sport is becoming more technical, spectacular and professional from year to year.


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