“Beaches of Barcelona”
Wouldn’t it be great to have the beach option coupled with the culture and sightseeing that a big European city could­ offer? Before the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, it was often said that Barcelona had “turned its back” on the sea. All that changed when new beaches and a long new beach-front was constructed […]
17 Feb 2017 13:26
“Presepts to the future fighter”
Well, my young apprentice, it is time for me to pass my knowledge in your hands. Much of what I tell you will give you an understanding of how to prepare for a fight, what to avoid and what you must pay special attention to. So, sit back and I will start my story. For […]
11 Feb 2017 15:28
“Support crews at Battle of the Nations 2017”
We are all excited about the upcoming championship. Everyone because of their reasons: one likes 21s, another prefers duels; however, there is much more behind this. There will be so many fighters at this event, hard even imagine; but it’s impossible to imagine how this can work without all the supporters, families, friends and fans […]
10 Feb 2017 18:15
Battle of the Nations. Regulations for National Teams and legionnaires
“Battle of the Nations”-2017 is coming and we faced a lot of inquiries about who can join the National Team. It is very important moment for the Championships and the HMB movement at all, so we decided to make everything clear for the public and National Team Captains who bear full responsibility for their teams […]
10 Feb 2017 15:14
“Battle of the Nations in numbers”
It’s been almost seven years since the 1st Battle of the Nations and almost eight years since the first captains’ summit. So, what happened during those years? In 2010 we had 4 (four) National Teams at the inaugural championships, which means about 200 fighters in official categories and around 100 that came “just for fun”. […]
03 Feb 2017 18:41
“Eat like a local in Barcelona”
”The most authentic thing you can do in Barcelona is visit one of the markets like Boqueria, buy a baguette and some cheese and a bottle of wine, and go and sit in the park” Spain is huge in the culinary world. Eating is an extremely important social activity in Catalonia, whether in the evening […]
01 Feb 2017 16:05
BATTLE OF THE NATIONS 2017. Host City Announcement
“Battle of the Nations”-2017 – the biggest event in the world of Historical Medieval Battle, which sparks a flame in everybody’s heart, who is in one way or another involved in the rapidly developing sports movement of historical competition. Whether you are a fighter of a national team or just a fan, when the thought […]
31 Jan 2017 11:41
“Marshals summit 2016 in Moscow: how it happened…”
Before the beginning of the report from the last marshals summit in Moscow, we would like start off earlier and unveil the whole picture. So then, the year 2016 was rich with organizational events for the marshal’s committee – four international summits were held – in Sonora (USA), Riga and Copenhagen and, traditionally, the final […]
30 Jan 2017 18:29
“A new venue for a top notch tournament!”
HMB grows and becomes more and more famous all around the World. From one side, it raises the interest of different organisations in our tournaments at their venues. From the other side, doing our sport everyone likes to attend high quality tournaments, discover new cities and venues for HMB movement. And we think that it […]
26 Jan 2017 20:06
“Discovering the world of HMB”
Nowadays, it is not surprising to hear from some of your friends that they have joined the army of medieval times admirers. Some of the aforementioned friends got tired of standard programs, suggested by the gyms. Some have decided to try out new, extreme sensations. Some are seriously keen on medieval because they found to […]
26 Jan 2017 16:38
“10 facts you didn’t know about barcelona”
Barcelona  is a very elegant city, famous for its impressive history, culture, monuments, fantastic architecture, museums, galleries and interesting people. There is a lot that can be said about this city, so below we’ve made up a list of 10 interesting and fun facts about Barcelona just for you. 1) The Sagrada Familia has taken […]
23 Jan 2017 22:32
“Battle of the Nations just for THREE days”
Battle  of the Nations 2017 will take only three days for the first time in history. Those are going to be the most intensive fighting days of the year, taking into account numbers of participants at BotN. Just remember, in 2016 we had 59 teams in “5 vs 5” and almost 100 combatants in different […]
20 Jan 2017 17:07
“TerraMagica”-2017 – the view from the Australian side”
HMBIA News couldn`t told our friends about Australian experience of fighting in the Mexican tournaments. Eric Cortis, fighter of HMB club “Havoc” from Australia participated in “TerraMagica”-2017 tournament in Mexico. Our reporter had a little conversation with Eric and that`s what he told us. Eric Cortis: “I arrived the night before due to Lufthansa having […]
20 Jan 2017 16:30
“Key factors of HMB development”
Historical Medieval Battles movement growths and develops step by step. New fighters and even countries join our movement every year. HMB started from only four nations and hundred of fighters in 2009 and became a worldwide practiced sport with more than seven hundred fighters from 30 nations that participated in World Championship in HMB “Battle […]
19 Jan 2017 17:05
“Estonia meets HMB Soft”
On January 14-15th, fighter of Estonian club Nordburg and the rest of the HMB movement’s participants in the country had the opportunity to take part in the first HMB Soft seminar. Seminar turned out quite eventful, so the weekend passed rapidly for both sides. Participants were met with the art of handling soft weapons with […]
19 Jan 2017 16:52
“TerraMagica” – tough fights and good hosts
“TerraMagica”-2017 got international status and Brad Schaive, President of HMB USA, Member of the “Company of the Black Swan” told HMBIA News about his team participation and whole impressions. Brad Schaive: The “Company of the Black Swan” fought in Mexico City in a tourney “TerraMagica”. We finished 2nd in buhurt. We liked it. Great tournament. […]
19 Jan 2017 07:44



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