“10 facts you didn’t know about barcelona”

23 Jan 2017 22:32

Barcelona  is a very elegant city, famous for its impressive history, culture, monuments, fantastic architecture, museums, galleries and interesting people.
There is a lot that can be said about this city, so below we’ve made up a list of 10 interesting and fun facts about Barcelona just for you.

1) The Sagrada Familia has taken longer to build than the great pyramids
The great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt only took 20 years to build with ancient tools, and so far, la Sagrada Familia has taken around 2 hundred years to be constructed with modern technology.
The main feature of this building is its height, which equals 984 feets. However, Gaudí believed that the highest point in the city should be a natural god made structure, with this he was referring to the mountain of Montjuic, which is 984 feet above sea level.

2) The most visited museum in Catalonia is FC Barcelona Museum
Millions of football fans from around the globe visit this famous museum which celebrates the achievements of one of Spain’s most admired sports clubs. Founded in 1899, fans can marvel at the club’s impressive trophy collection. Stadium “Camp Nou” is the largest in Europe, and accommodates up to 100 thousand people. The height of this giant is 48 meters with the area of 55,000 square meters. The evacuation time of people in case of emergency is 5 minutes.

3) The beaches in Barcelona are man-made
Prior to the 1992 Olympics which the city hosted, much of the city comprised of local industries which were later relocated to make the area more tourist friendly. There are now seven beaches to choose from and the city has even been awarded with the title of best beach city in the world by National Geographic.

4) Gaudi was not the first choice for architect of La Sagrada Familia
Barcelona’s most iconic landmark could have looked very different. The design was initially commissioned to Francisco de Paula del Villar. Although Villar’s design was used for the project as it commenced in 1882, he soon retired and Antoni Gaudi took his position. The design was quickly changed into the awe inspiring sight that we see today.

5) Las Ramblas isn’t just one street
The most iconic street in the city stretches 2 km and is the first stop for many travelers exploring Barcelona. This boulevard is nestled in the Gothic Quarter with heaps of bars and restaurants. One thing many visitors don’t realize, is that this is actually made of five separate avenues which join seamlessly to make one.

6) The city is home to 12 abandoned and haunted underground stations
These ghostly metro stations were once used for both subway and commuter trains but have since been deserted and become a major attraction for fans of the paranormal. Special tours are provided throughout the year to those brave enough to head deep into the city’s underground.

7) Spanish artist Pablo Picasso spent his formative adolescence artist apprenticeship years in Barcelona.
The Picasso museum located the gothic Palau Aguilar houses 4,251 works and focuses on the artist’s work from his formative years through his Blue Period.

8)Barcelona has the most crowded street in Spain
The city’s main shopping street, Portal de l’Angel is said to be busiest street in all of Spain. An endless stream of tourists pass through this street, 365 days of the year, stopping at the many high end retailers and boutique shops.

9) Flamenco is not popular in Barcelona as it is in other parts of Spain.
There is a strong contemporary rock-n-roll scene with some night clubs in Barcelona open until 6 am on weekends.

10) Barcelona the only city that receives a royal gold medal
Barcelona is the first and only city that received a Royal Gold Medal for architecture in 1999.

This honor for architecture is awarded annually since 1848, by the Royal Institute of British Architects on behalf of the British monarch, in recognition of an individual’s or group’s substantial contribution to international architecture.

The city’s architecture has had a huge influence on many contemporary architects around the world.

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