“A new venue for a top notch tournament!”

26 Jan 2017 20:06
HMB grows and becomes more and more famous all around the World. From one side, it raises the interest of different organisations in our tournaments at their venues. From the other side, doing our sport everyone likes to attend high quality tournaments, discover new cities and venues for HMB movement.
And we think that it is a right time to introduce you a new HMB event in such significant medieval venue. This is specific and well-known place where we have never been for a tournament! So, SALUTE WITH CHEERS the most epic HMB event in France to date!
An Open French tournament in the category of 5vs5 for clubs and teams – “TOURNOI DE LA CITADELLE”, 15-16th of April 2017, Jean Deschamps Theatre (Carcassonne)!
Mind-blowing arena of an open-air theatre, medieval city, warmly welcoming citizens – everything, every stone of Carcassonne castle and streets awaits for you and hard core buhurts!
“TOURNOI DE LA CITADELLE” is a big challenge from the Carcassonne City Hall that requested HMBIA and Fédération Française de Béhourd to organize HMB tournament in the Medieval City. And we accepted it!
Eager to fight and travel? We invite you to book long vacation and join us in amazing HMB trip from “Tournoi de la Citadelle” to “Battle of the Nations”!
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania