“Presepts to the future fighter”

11 Feb 2017 15:28
Well, my young apprentice, it is time for me to pass my knowledge in your hands. Much of what I tell you will give you an understanding of how to prepare for a fight, what to avoid and what you must pay special attention to. So, sit back and I will start my story.

For centuries, people have known that any highs obey only to the brave ones. So, here is my first piece of advice for you — you should be brave and not be afraid of obstacles and go to the end. You should never be afraid because the fear scatters ones thoughts and you can not make the right decision at the most responsible moment. You need to make the fear your ally – it will give you the necessary adrenaline which provides a surge of additional forces.

Respect your opponents! When you are in combat you must behave confidently, do not fuss, try to constantly look around and do not let your opponent behind your back, because it can turn into a loss for you. Always remember where your opponents are and the positions of your teammates, so you can help your brother-in-arms. Observe the admonitions of team captain — the harmonious teamwork will help you overcome a stronger opponent in 99% cases. If it so happens that you stay one-on-one with an opponent — you need a sober assessment of the situation: when the opponent is stronger than you – try to use your advantages, take advantage of the element of surprise, do not go to the seizure and do not try to use wrestling to defeat the enemy. Necessarily, you must do a good workout before the fights – this will prevent minor injuries in most cases. But if it so happens that you are injured, then you should be very objective – if this injury is serious, it is better to take a break for treatment, but if you are sure that the injury is not significant – you can continue to participate in the tournament.
A person can become a good fighter if one aspires to this goal. Be persistent in your aspiration. For starters, choose a club that will suit you in spirit. A coach is the main tool in your aspiration and he will give you a training system that focuses on improving your basic physical parameters. Follow the advice of the coach and you will get great results very soon! Compulsorily leading a healthy lifestyle – it helps you to strengthen not only your body but also the spirit.

The preparation for the battle itself is also very important. Pick up the armor that fits you, so it would not shackle your motions and prevent your movement and defend your body as much as possible. I’ll give you one piece of advice – try not to change your armor just before the start of the battle, because the replaced part may create discomfort or would interfere with the attack/defense. To ensure its maximum protection, you need to cover up all the cracks in the armor, you must know all the weaknesses in your armor to defend yourself properly.

Now, when I have given my knowledge to you, you become wiser and more experienced. This will contribute to your growth. Be bold and resolute in your aspiration!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania