“Support crews at Battle of the Nations 2017”

10 Feb 2017 18:15
We are all excited about the upcoming championship. Everyone because of their reasons: one likes 21s, another prefers duels; however, there is much more behind this. There will be so many fighters at this event, hard even imagine; but it’s impossible to imagine how this can work without all the supporters, families, friends and fans of HMB sport that are coming together with teams.
It is always a pleasure to see how beautiful Ladies and charming Sirs surrounding you at Battle of the Nations, but it’s even greater to realize how important are they and there could really be no championship without them.
We expect to have not less than 700 civil participants this year, and with this number of people in medieval costumes it is going to be a real celebration and tribute to Middle Ages here in Barcelona, XXI century. We will have designated areas on tribunes for our medieval-ish fans, because we know that you will create unforgettable atmosphere

And hey, who is going to win in competitions for the best medieval costumes among all the men and women attending?

We will see very soon, at Battle of the Nations 2017 in Barcelona, Spain from 29th of April until 1st of May.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania