“Discovering the world of HMB”

26 Jan 2017 16:38

Nowadays, it is not surprising to hear from some of your friends that they have joined the army of medieval times admirers. Some of the aforementioned friends got tired of standard programs, suggested by the gyms. Some have decided to try out new, extreme sensations. Some are seriously keen on medieval because they found to like it a lot. We all are united in the common mood, imbedded in the grand movement.

Indeed, if you visit one of the numerous large events from the medieval tournament series, you will surely see all the variety of the roles, that create the great mood, unique atmosphere and energy. You can meet both experienced fighters and beginners here; merchants, who sell everything – from souvenirs to real armor, which you can try on and buy (not counting various cuisine); people in beautiful costumes, impressive in their respect to real medieval fashion. Here, it is important to emphasize on people, who fill the event with art and color – musicians, performing charming compositions on the elder instruments, artists and stuntmen, captivating the spectators with their magic tricks and stunts.

Speaking of fighters, they can be divided into several categories. The first one includes the fighters, who take part in one on one battles – duels. The second one includes ones who take part in mass battles. But not many know, that there is also a third category – archers. It is a small group, but its representatives have real serious attitude as to their thing.

Often, the various best costume contests or contests of maximum likeness to the original medieval clothing are held within the large events. You have prepared such medieval look? Surely, you should take part in the contest – not one contestant stays without attention.

If you get the opportunity – by all means visit such an event. The energy charge and new impressions are in order!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania