Pohl, Czech Republic: “Historical Medieval Battle was a logical step in my life”
Pepa Josif Pohl, captain of “MFC Vysocina” club (Czech Republic), captain of the National Team of Czech Republic … Concerning his way to HMB sport Three years ago my friend told me about this sport and about an opportunity to try it. I was very pleased and interested. I had been engaged in reenactment since […]
30 Nov 2014 11:45
Allan Schiller, Denmark: “I think Denmark will be a strong force”
Allan Schiller, fighter of “CMFC” club (“Copenhagen Medieval Fighting Club”), Denmark fighter of the National Team of Finland (“Battle of the Nations”-2014)      … Concerning his way to HMB sport It all started for me in early 2013 when I saw a YouTube video concerning “Sharukhan Clan” fighting at the “Dynamo” Cup. I was […]
26 Nov 2014 17:20
Annual meeting of HMBIA. 2014: Prague, Czech Republic
Due to good tradition, Historical Medieval Battle International Association e.V. HMBIA annually gathers main representatives of HMB movement to hold an official summit of HMBIA. The summit of HMBIA is a two-days working meeting. In its frames participants have an opportunity to discuss activities of Association, to create and make changes in development strategy of […]
25 Nov 2014 11:57
Murumets, Estonia: “I rely on my muscular memory, the things that I have drilled in practice”
Jaan Murumets, fighter of “Turm” club (Estonia), fighter of the National Team of Estonia … Concerning his choice of HMB sport Everything started with the interest to swords and history. From there came LARP. I found friends who were interested in history and reenactment. About 5 years ago those friends called me to Viking swordfigthing practice. […]
25 Nov 2014 10:00
European Championship for full-contact medieval combat, “5 vs 5” Russia, Moscow Sokolniki, Znamenski Brothers Olympic Centre 22 of November, 2014 Results: 1. ”Partisan-1”, “Bern” club, Russia 2. “Furious Five”, “Southern Outpost” club, Russia 3. “Honor”, “Knaz” and “Ayna Bera” club, Ukraine 4. “Bear Paw”, “Bern” club, Russia 5. “Glory”, “Knaz”, “Ayna Bera” and “Kheshikten” club, […]
24 Nov 2014 11:52
Pohl, Czech Republic: “It was a nice lesson for us :)”
MEMORY REMAINS “Battle of the Nations”-2014 The best thing was to see my guys participating in “All vs All” category. They were the last non-Russian fighters standing and fighting. I was pleased a lot :). And I was really surprised by the Teams of Mexico and Argentina. Mexico participated for the first time and they […]
21 Nov 2014 13:04
Harris, New Zealand: “I have really enjoyed full contact fighting as it has meant that I can travel the world and meet new people.”
Justin Harris, fighter of “Wellington Full Contact Medieval Combat” club, fighter of the National Team of New Zealand … Concerning his way to HMB sport I started getting interested in full contact fighting in 2011. Living on the far side of the world we had no one to teach us or tell us what was […]
21 Nov 2014 11:58
Maksimenko, Latvia: “HMB is a sport where you have to try hard, do your best and fight for victory”
Vladimir Maksimenko (Hartman Enon), fighter of “Lubeck” club (Latvia), captain of the National Team of Latvia     … Concerning his way to HMB sport I started practising full contact fighting in armor by chance. There was no HMB movement in Latvia, there were reenactors and role players. When I was a teenager, I was […]
19 Nov 2014 15:06
Chevasco Diaz, Argentina: “I like to learn from the best”
Juan Manuel Chevasco Diaz, fighter of “CECM” club (Argentina), fighter of National Team of Argentina … Concerning his way to HMB sport I have been doing a research on medieval fencing for over 8 years and have been implementing what I had read in the bests-known manuals. We don’t have professional trainers here in Argentina, […]
18 Nov 2014 12:45
Vyshutin, Ukraine: “I try to do complex exercises, because if you focus only on one point, it’ll do no good.”
Ilyas Vyshutin, fighter of “Knyaz” club (Kharkiv, Ukraine), fighter of the National Team of Ukraine … Concerning his way to HMB sport It happened by chance, two years ago my friend offered me to try it… Today, historical medieval battle for me is an opportunity to feel alive, real. … Concerning his armor My armor […]
17 Nov 2014 12:24
Ivan Pampi Loborec, Croatia: “As for the future, I foresee a lot of official HMB clubs in Croatia united in the League”
In 2014, Croatia hosted the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”, and showed itself as a worthy opponent on the lists. The National Team of the country was a “dark horse” of the Championship. Ivan Pampi Loborec, president of the National HMB Association of Croatia lifted a veil of secrecy concerning the National […]
17 Nov 2014 11:16
Quayle, UK: “I’m more of a technique fighter; I wait for the right moment and then do my best.”
John Quayle, fighter of “Vectis knights” club, fighter of the National Team of United Kingdom … Concerning his way to HMB sport I started to practise HMB in January 2014, after seeing “Knight Club” on TV (BBC), a story of Team UK at “Battle of the Nations”-2013 in France. I watched it by chance, and […]
13 Nov 2014 11:30
Who can become a marshal?
– Point of View – The question may seem easy. Some may think that an aspirant doesn’t need to understand the history of costume and armor, spend many hours training hard, like professional fighters. It’s enough to download the rules ( and learn them by heart… However, as practice shows, an outsider, who observed fights […]
12 Nov 2014 12:35
“MCSF Jyväskylä”, Finland. Guys who warm up public before “Manowar”
– HMB clubs    “MCSF Jyväskylä”, Finland Established in 2014   Finland is rich not only in beautiful nature, stable economy and Santa Claus. People love and actively develop the HMB movement there. Today, there are 3 clubs practising HMB sports in Finland, namely “MCSF Helsinki”, “HMB Lappeenranta” and “MCSF Jyväskylä”. We’ll tell you about […]
11 Nov 2014 17:49
Morgulis, Israel: “I like all categories!”
I came to HMB sport after role-playing games, I always liked role-playing buhurts. Then some guys showed me that there were full contact buhurts as well… It was the way everything started! I’ve been fighting on steel weapons since 2011 and I’ve been engaged in MMA-light since 2010, which helps me on the lists, as there […]
10 Nov 2014 12:42
Shestakov, Estonia: “We’ve understood ways of further development taking into account “Battle of the Nations”-2014 results”
– The off-season – We hold our big Estonian workout once a month in Tallinn and Narva. It shows us a lot of important things, namely skills of our men, their level of training, their weak ponts. Now, for the most part, people want to go somewhere in Russia, they take our eastern neighbor as […]
10 Nov 2014 12:38



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