Allan Schiller, Denmark: “I think Denmark will be a strong force”

26 Nov 2014 17:20
Allan Schiller,
fighter of “CMFC” club (“Copenhagen Medieval Fighting Club”), Denmark
fighter of the National Team of Finland (“Battle of the Nations”-2014)

 … Concerning his way to HMB sport
It all started for me in early 2013 when I saw a YouTube video concerning “Sharukhan Clan” fighting at the “Dynamo” Cup. I was fascinated. I spent most of that year making my own armor. I quickly realized I was not a really good blacksmith, so I spent some of my savings on a handcrafted armor by a smith from Ukraine. And I was ready for the Championship. Team Denmark wasn`t participating, so I contacted HMBIA officials and I became a legionnaire of “Finland-1”.… Concerning his armor and weapons
My armor dates back to 1370-1420 (Germany). I wanted gloves to protect my fingers. The earliest gloves I could find dated back to around 1420 and I wanted the sugarloaf bascinet, as it is a durable helmet having lots of air holes for visibility and easy access of air. I use a falchion for brawls and hard hitting.

I have long arms and can swing it pretty easily. Also, it is not that long, so I can use it as an axe, as well as a poleaxe.

… Concerning the sport in general
My team and I practise HMB fighting at least once a week, so it is enough training for us. I run and do circle crossfit training, when I have time for that.… Concerning training and preparation for tournaments
I practise circle training, high pulse – low pulse, I do not lose my breath. I achieved this through running.

… Concerning his favorite category
Most of all I prefer “5 vs 5” and “21 vs 21”. I really want to try triathlon, but my team is not big enough for me to participate in both events. (I want to be fully rested for the main events, that’s why “5 vs 5” is good for me).

… Concerning his combat tactics
We try to stay focused while fighting, try to fight in a smart way and save energy. We always make sure we can participate in round 2.


… Concerning the season of 2014
I participated in the tournaments in Germany, Spain, Denmark. All the events were great!My first encounter with the Ukrainian teams was in Copenhagen, I made good friends and I learned a lot from them. I think the Ukrainian teams are the ones I respect the most. They have turned HMB into a living and they are tough fighters.


… Concerning the National Team
Denmark participated with the Danish organization DMKS in 2012 and 2013, then they turned away from HMBIA in 2014, so I am trying to put together a team worthy for the “Battle of the Nations”-2015. I also know there are other fighters and teams here in Denmark who wants to fight in 2015, so I think Denmark will be a strong force. This year I was fighting for Finland… The Finns are great and show a lot of potential, my team and the Finns were participating in the “Dynamo” Cup this year.

… Concerning future plans
A tremendous work done by the officials and the good atmosphere at “Battle of the Nations”-2014 has guaranteed my participation in 2015.I would like to make Rus’ armor instead of my German armor, and I am currently working on it. I still do need some help, but I will get it done before “Battle of the Nations”-2015.

We are still use the training techniques an tactics learned from the Ukrainian team’s captain Alexey Lyalyushko. I am going to visit Kyiv to learn more.


… Concerning surprises at “Battle of the Nations”-2014
The National team that surprised me the most was the Mexican team. Another good fact was that I finally met the guy who made the YouTube video about “Sharukhan” Clan and inspired me to start the journey.

… Concerning the brightest battle
It was the fight against “Belarus-2”, it was a very good fight, even though we lost 2 times. We almost got them, almost!:)
… Concerning qualities needed by any HMB fighter
Being able to embrace your opponent, showing him your respect and good will after a fight. It is a sport and we do it at our own risk. We should respect the love we put in this sport.
… Wishes to novices
Buy armor, find a good blacksmith and make him fit it. The time I spent on my first armor and the money I spent on small things… Well, in the end it was almost equal to the money I spent on a handcrafted armor.Train a lot, take of care of your ankles, knees and elbows and, most importantly, your neck.

Get the people around you involved in the business, because it is a time consuming hobby, try and make it a family event.

Interview by
Miroslav Eremenko, HMBIA News


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