Bryce Lightbody – the Australian golden HMB boy
Who doesn`t know Bryce Lightbody from Australia? Everybody knows him well. His golden head and hard strikes are famous between members of the HMB-movement. HMBIA News decided to tell you his own HMB-history. He told us it from the very beginning. He started his story from the graduation from the high school. The young man […]
03 Jan 2018 19:36
“Russian Order”: “Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood”
On the territory of the Russian Federation there are many HMB-clubs, they are densely dispersed throughout the country. Today HMBIA News will tell you about an inter-club association “Russian Order” from Cherepovets. Vyacheslav Mishurin, a fighter from this association told us a lot of interesting details about the history of the Orders . And now […]
02 Jan 2018 18:27
“Profight” will be part of the “Battle of the Nations”-2018
Nowadays “profight” category is the most dynamically increasing HMB duel discipline. It is one of the most “sporty”, because it includes fencing in combining with combat and hitting techniques. “Profights” are very popular both among fighters and among fans of the HMB-movement.Therefore, the introduction of this category on the “Battle of Nations” was only a […]
02 Jan 2018 14:41
Manasija monastery — a unique heritage of the Serbian Middle Ages
In the summer of 2017, under the walls of the magnificent Manasija monastery in Serbia, an important event for the whole HMB community took place – a large-scale medieval festival with spectacular HMB battles “Just Out Festival”. It was attended by 430 participants from more than 17 countries and by around 100 000 spectators! Almost […]
01 Jan 2018 18:31
Happy New Year, friends!
Dear Friends! All the years we have spent together have made us one big family – all the fighters, marshals, members of the committees, HMBIA and the “Battle of the Nations” organization team and, of course, the dedicated fans of our sport. HMB unites us, makes us stronger, gives us new friends. From year to […]
31 Dec 2017 20:29
Edouard Eme – mottos and inspirations
“Toujours baisé, jamais surpris” – that`s the motto of Edouard Eme. He uses it since he was in the army. It means “Always screwed, never surprised” – unexpected phrase but really vital. HMBIA News reporter asked Mr. Eme why did he choose such motto? He answered that it goes very well with his life. Edouard […]
30 Dec 2017 18:19
Edouard Eme’s traveling Odyssey
The HMB concept “fight and travel” excellently fits Edouard Eme. Experienced fighter and falling in love with the road, he visited more than 30 countries until to his 31 years old. This is exited result, is not is? He has a few amazing stories about it. While being a teenager, Edouard spend a few years […]
29 Dec 2017 20:32
Antonio De Zio wishes successes to Edouard Eme
Antonio De Zio became a worthy rival to Edouard Eme in the election race. Experienced, having inspiration and energy to work on the development of the HMB movement, he will undoubtedly do a lot of useful things for popularizing historical battles in his country! We made a rapid-fire interview with Antonio, and he wished good […]
27 Dec 2017 12:32
Edouard Eme: “I thank Antonio for being my friend not the opponent!”
Edouard Eme is a new President of HMBIA and now he receives the congratulations from all the HMB-community. He also gave his first official interview to HMBIA News and told about his plans for the nearest future. For example, he is planning to meet with presidium and the office to get acquainted with all the […]
27 Dec 2017 00:35
Edouard Eme: “I thank Antonio for being my friend not the opponent!”
HMBIA News presents first interview with the new President of HMBIA. – Are you satisfied with the results of the elections? – Well, by candidating, my goal was to be elected, so I’m satisfied. – Were you surprised with the results? – There is always doubt, I think my accomplishments as president of the French […]
27 Dec 2017 00:15
Results of the elections of the new HMBIA President
From the 20th to 23d of December 2017 the election of the President of HMBIA was held. The votes were distributed as follows: Edouard Emé (France) – 60% Antonio de Zio (Italy) – 40%. Thus, following the results of the voting, Eduard Eme became the new President of HMBIA. In the opinion of the voters, […]
26 Dec 2017 10:38
HMB Soft seminar in Germany – find out more!
A two-day seminar holding by HMBIA Marshal-Supervisor Sergey Myasishchev will take place on 6th and 7th of January 2018 in Nuremberg (Germany). The first day of the seminar will be devoted to the HMB-Soft training methodology. On the second day of the seminar will be considered a wide range of questions on judging and holding […]
25 Dec 2017 16:50
How to choose armor, if you are a universal fighter?
If you decide to be a universal HMB fighter, then it is very important to be able to balance the possibility of being mobile and protected while choosing an armor. We asked experienced HMB fighters to share their views on the ideal armor for this mission. Michael Morgulis, the fighter of M.F.C club, told: ” […]
25 Dec 2017 13:19
The HMBIA President elections are in full spate
The world HMB community is on the verge of electing a new HMBIA President. Voting for candidates for this responsible position continues, and the struggle is between two worthy candidates – Eduard Eme and Antonio De Zio – is going on. The most active and officially recognized national federations of countries from the HMB world […]
22 Dec 2017 18:40
“Lions of Steel” HMB-club – strength, loyalty, and fearlessness
This club was founded in the July 2016 year after World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”. Such heroic name was chosen because the Dutch Royal family uses the lion as its symbol for centuries. The animal represents strength, loyalty and fearlessness. The guys fight in armor, so the idea of the name has […]
22 Dec 2017 13:03
Open HMB practices: to allow people to acquire a taste of HMB
You fully understand what HMB is when you see the combats in the close quarters: when you jump off the edge of the threatening overturning list, when the weapon flashes a few meters away, when you feel the energy and excitement of the fighters, see their smiles and at the same time watch how they […]
21 Dec 2017 18:34



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