Open HMB practices: to allow people to acquire a taste of HMB

21 Dec 2017 18:34
You fully understand what HMB is when you see the combats in the close quarters: when you jump off the edge of the threatening overturning list, when the weapon flashes a few meters away, when you feel the energy and excitement of the fighters, see their smiles and at the same time watch how they are friendly striking each other.

And ordinary spectator wants to take the sword and find out what he/she is capable of! It is possible to do in open training, which is organized by some HMB clubs. Open training is a great way to attract both new fighters and faithful fans. Of course, newcomers receive soft swords and armor. But adrenaline does not get smaller.

We talked to active HMB members from the North and South mericas – Jonathan De Salvo (the USA) and Filipe Canabrava (Brazil) about the open trainings organization and their results.

Jonathan DeSalvo:
“Our “Wolfengarde” club do the Open training once a month.

We are looking to do weekly soft buhurt, trying to bring people into the sport by creating a less intense version that still holds the “fun” in fighting, but it feeds the interest that will possibly grow for wanting more.

The goal is to create a “fun” but challenging experience for them to get that taste of HMB and wanting more.

When we wear armor and beat up on another, the crowd comes to watch and cheer. They ask us about the sport, and we get the chance to share details and give them our contact information”.

Jonathan told, that people might like to watch it, but the majority doesn’t want to jump into it. And soft kit public events help to bring in a bond with the steel fighters to the community to just have fun. When spectators are ready to take the next step, they will do it.

Filipe Canabrava and his “Rosa de Ferro” club were the first in Brazil, who turned the Open practices project on the regular base into life:

“We have a training room, but we use to do open tournaments 2 times a month to train our fighters and to show other people HMB movement. We do Knight Fights on public spaces, parks, pubs, and other places. And we are showing other Brazilian clubs the project and they are planning to do it also.

As for results, for example, last week we did open training on a pub. A lot of people from the pub watched the fights and we received a lot of requests to join”.

As we can see, open HMB trainings give a good effect and attract new fighters and fans, so this idea will grow in the future.


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