Antonio De Zio wishes successes to Edouard Eme

27 Dec 2017 12:32

Antonio De Zio became a worthy rival to Edouard Eme in the election race. Experienced, having inspiration and energy to work on the development of the HMB movement, he will undoubtedly do a lot of useful things for popularizing historical battles in his country!

We made a rapid-fire interview with Antonio, and he wished good luck to Eduard and shared his plans for the future.

– How do you evaluate the results of the election?

– Edouard Eme is a good guy, he is clever and has a good character. He made a very good job in French HMB, and I’m sure, he will be a good HMBIA President.

– What could you wish to the new HMBIA President?

– I wish him to make a good job and to grow up all the movement. As he has done in France.

– And what are your further plans for developing HMB in your country?

– I will continue to work in Italy. Next year we will host “Battle of the Nations” in Rome, so we hope it will be a good occasion to sponsored our sport and to grow up further.

We express the gratitude to Antonio De Zio for participating in the elections and congratulate Edouard Eme with his victory.

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