“Russian Order”: “Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood”

02 Jan 2018 18:27

On the territory of the Russian Federation there are many HMB-clubs, they are densely dispersed throughout the country. Today HMBIA News will tell you about an inter-club association “Russian Order” from Cherepovets. Vyacheslav Mishurin, a fighter from this association told us a lot of interesting details about the history of the Orders . And now we will tell our audience about it.

“Russian Order”, as an inter-club association, was founded in 2015. Vyacheslav and his friends were in different clubs, such as, for example, “Normandy”, “Livonian Order”, “Ludinskaya Sotnya”, “Steel Helmet”. According to him, these were quite old Russian clubs that consists of few fighters and there was a tendency to their disintegration. Nevertheless, in their ranks there were enthusiasts who wanted to fight, they wanted to achieve something in this sport and change something in their club and combat training.

Vyacheslav Mishurin:
“Our clubs, as completely different in the areas of reconstruction, were often even opponents on the battlefield during the heyday of domestic reconstruction in the past. And then in the reconstruction movement of the 14th century, beginning from 2010, the transformation processes associated with the young sport, now called” HMB “. By 2015, it turned out that for effective battles in buhurts and participation in “5 vs 5″ tournaments, a stable, constantly training, composition was needed in the same colors of cottarms. And that is how the inter-club association “RO” appeared.

Participants of “Russian Order” are united not only love to HMB-sport, but also long-term personal friendly relations between the fighters. Until now, sport and friendship keeps all these guys together. As Vyacheslav said, the fighters of the Order are already quite aged people for this sport, but this, undoubtedly, only adds pluses to the unification – they have a lot of experience and unfading enthusiasm for many years. They are craving for self-development and development of the movement as a whole.

It all started with 10 fighters. But, in time, more and more athletes joined them and now the “Russian Order” has more than 40 fighters. It is very important that all these people understand and share the principles and vision of the association development.

As we found out, the “military democracy” reigns in “Russian Order” There are a number of respected fighters, the majority listens for. They, as a rule, make decisions and represent the Order both in Russia and the international arena.

Vyacheslav Mishurin:
“The core values of the Order can be declared as” Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood”. How pathetic it may sound, this is so, we all have the freedom to choose and everything is decided together. The captains of the teams for “5 vs 5″ are elected. At the recent “Dynamo Cup” I was chosen as the captain of “Russian Order” (2d team), a captain of the “Russian Order” was Alexander Prosenkov, and Aidar Kadyrov (Morgan) was in charge of the “15 vs 15″ team.

The training process and fighters preparations in this association takes place in different ways. Each fighter works individually on his physical training – boxing, wrestling, crossfit, weightlifting, and trainings with the team. Also we attend and conduct seminars for participants. For example, Vyacheslav has been ingaging in sports since very childhood:

“I started with skiing, then, in the early 2000s, I learned about the movement of the reenactors and at the same time began to make my first armor myself, because I did not have the money to buy it, I’m now a professional blacksmith and fighter with many years of experience. For the sake of all this, I changed my life dramatically and abandoned my old job and the way of the office clerk`s life. I personally train five times a week, now I chose crossfit, wrestling, boxing and fencing on halberds”.

Undoubtedly, the rest of the fighter from this inter-club association have the same tight schedule of training. And it`s worth it! The guys from the Order participated in the “Dynamo Cup” -2017 and took the 4th place in the category “15 vs 15″.

Today, the “Russian Order” is actively developing. The guys are preparing a place for training in St. Petersburg, they have had such place in Moscow. As for the city of Cherepovets itself, Vyacheslav plans to build his own gym for the Order’s fighters training, so there is a great deal of work and there`s no time to rest and relax. As for the plans for the next year – the Order is going to participate in the traditional winter festival of the military historical movement “RECON” in St. Petersburg, which will be held at the end of February 2018. And personally, Vyacheslav admitted that there is nothing unusual for the HMB-sportsman in his plans for 2018 – to join the National Team of Russia and to take part in the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” -2018.

HMBIA News would like to thank Vyacheslav Mishurin for the interview and photos provided and wishes the whole team of the interclub association “Russian Order” and him more interesting fights and good results.


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