Edouard Eme’s traveling Odyssey

29 Dec 2017 20:32
The HMB concept “fight and travel” excellently fits Edouard Eme. Experienced fighter and falling in love with the road, he visited more than 30 countries until to his 31 years old. This is exited result, is not is? He has a few amazing stories about it.

While being a teenager, Edouard spend a few years in African country Benin.
Edouard: “I lived in Benin in 2002-2003 years. My mother worked for the French Ministry of foreign affairs, so we lived in Africa during my childhood. We came back to live in France only when I was 17 years old”.

Going to the “old friend Benin” was the Edouard’s next travel plan. But because of the reason he has been chosen on the responsible position of the President of HMBIA, this plan was shifted.

Edouard: ”Priorities arised at work. I’ll try to find another moment. I still have some friends living there so I would like to visit them and enjoy some holidays in a place where I have some good memories”.

The most exiting travel Edouard had was to Mongolia:
“When I was 13 years old, I read a book about the life of Genghis Khan. I became fascinated with Mongolia, and swore myself I would visit it someday, on a horse like a real Mongol. 2 years ago I finally made this dream come true and spent 3 weeks in Mongolia, travelling on horseback and hiking. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to go back there”.

Among all countries Edouard visited the Norway made an indelible impression:
“I lived several years in Norway and I miss it very often, I guess it would be my second choice among all countries”.

And what is the first one? Of course, his motherland. Edouard told that France is his dream-country and he is not tired to explore it again and again.

Edouard have a passion to travel and to discover the cultural and natural riches of this world, and this passion showed him as an open-minded and outgoing person, worthy to hold the position of the HMBIA President.


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