Edouard Eme: “I thank Antonio for being my friend not the opponent!”

27 Dec 2017 00:15

HMBIA News presents first interview with the new President of HMBIA.

– Are you satisfied with the results of the elections?
– Well, by candidating, my goal was to be elected, so I’m satisfied.

– Were you surprised with the results?
– There is always doubt, I think my accomplishments as president of the French Federation were in my favor, but Antonio also had good points in his program, so a good surprise maybe

– HMBIA News are sure that Antonio was great opponent for you. Do you want to thank him for that battle?
– I thank him for showing benevolent involvement and he will take our movement further. But I don’t think there was a battle, as we didn’t have any debate, we were not competing to get votes or trying to influence anyone. Instead we let the countries representatives vote according to their own opinions, without fighting each other. So I thank him for being my friend!

– What are you planning to do in the nearest future as the president of HMBIA?
– Now I need to meet with the presidium and the office to get acquainted with all the inner functioning system of our organization. See the decision-making process, validation chains, etc. I will update myself with the current projects of each committee, see if they are experimenting any issue; only then I will be able to identify priorities and to start working on resolutions. I think that time will come after the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” in Rome.

– Is there the item of your Program that you are already working on?
– In the immediate moment, many fighters are lost with authenticity standards and have questions about them; so I already started triggering the Authenticity Committee into coming to decisions and providing official answers accompanied by pedagogic elements about the closest points.

– Are you planning to make some structure changes in HMBIA?
– I think the structure is good as it is, but maybe I will realize that some points can be improved, in internal communication for example.

– Are there some other things that need to be improved in your point of view?
– I intend to use this structure for the projects I listed in my election program.

– Are you planning to continue your work as national team captain?
– I was once more elected captain of the French national team this October, so I’m planning to assume this duty as good as possible; I’m not sure of what my involvement will be in the next BotN as HMBIA president, as most of the work has already been done by Anton and the office for this upcoming edition.

– What are you planning to do with your position in French Federation?
– For now, I think it would be too soon to leave the presidency of the French federation, but with my new responsibilities I will naturally delegate more and recruit more volunteers. Time will tell if it’s manageable for me to handle both, I have to try first.

HMBIA team and our editorial office thank Edouard Eme for the interview and wish him to reach all the goals and good luck in this such an important job.


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