“Lions of Steel” HMB-club – strength, loyalty, and fearlessness

22 Dec 2017 13:03
This club was founded in the July 2016 year after World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”. Such heroic name was chosen because the Dutch Royal family uses the lion as its symbol for centuries. The animal represents strength, loyalty and fearlessness. The guys fight in armor, so the idea of the name has turned into a fact. The captain of the club Martijn Elberse told HMBIA News all the history of this union.
Martijn Elberse:
“As for now, we have about 15 fighters in armor and a few more apprentices who are gathering armor and train in softkit. So almost 2 full teams that we hope to field at BotN 2018, in Rome. We develop by training hard and regularly. We watch the best teams and analyze what we can do better. We ask them for advice so we can one day match those we’ve seen as an example. But most of all we get into the field, give our all and learn through experience. The only way is forward”.
Lions training hard to show good results on the World Championship in HMB – 2018. They gather as a team 2 Saturdays a month for fighting in armor. Besides, each fighter knows how to train his own strength and endurance during the week. Some fighters who live closer to each other do some armored and soft training more often.

Martijn and his team do their best to promote the sport and gain more fighters in Netherlands, and give them all information they need so they can help the community grow. But this team is not only the fighting group. All these people are united by something more – friendship, respect and mutual help.

Martijn Elberse:
“We are the team of fighting friends who found each other through HMB. We saw we could do better than just fight and drinking for fun and started to train regularly, attend hard tournaments and improve as a whole. We often hang out together and live the good life. I speak for all of us if I say we are brothers in arms”.

Martijn was chosen as a captain almost a year ago. He does his best to arrange trainings and take his team to the tournaments, as well as help the fighters to grow and to keep contact with the rest of the HMB world.

Martijn Elberse:
“I enjoy my job as a captain and I am very proud of my band of warriors. We aim for good results in 2018 and are pointing our eyes at the first ever victories at HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” for the Netherlands.

Our editorial office expresses the gratitude to Martijn for the great interview and wish him and his team interesting fights and reaching all their goals.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania