Music at “Battle of the Nations”: аn international language uniting people
Among other things it was music that helped to create medieval atmosphere at the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014. Magical sounds of bagpipes and other instruments were heard at the festival. Guests and participants of the event were entertained by musicians from around the world. You could meet Hungarians («Hollóének Hungarica Régizene Együttes»), […]
05 Aug 2014 12:47
Alberto Baal Jimenez, Mexico: “Battle of the Nations” means fraternity, friendship and mutual support”
We couldn’t take a large support team with us. We arrived at the Championship with only three supporters. They did everything they could to help us, namely took photos when we fought, brought us all necessary things. It was a hard work. An amazing thing is that we felt support of other teams, namely Austria, […]
05 Aug 2014 11:51
Sergey Tsymbal: “HMBIA has set an important and difficult task of creating a world calendar of HMB tournaments”
It’s not a secret that the HMB movement is developed unevenly around the world, but it evolves and expands every day. There are tournaments of local, national or international level which are constantly being held in different parts of the world. Every fighter, every captain knows that participation in tournaments is the best way to […]
04 Aug 2014 13:45
Jon Barry, UK: “I am still teased for showing my flag before field marshal”
People of the HMB movement:    Jon Barry, HMBIA certified marshal In 2014, HMB World Championship’s board of marshals has been joined by referees from Europe. According to Alexander Davydov, head of the HMBIA Marshal Committee, this step will contribute to further development of the HMB movement.“We decided to make the board of marshals more […]
04 Aug 2014 11:27
Davydov: “We will try to further improve our level”
Alexander Davydov, head of the HMBIA marshal committee I greet everyone on behalf of the HMBIA marshal committee! A short time after BotN completion, after a detailed analysis of the event, I decided to give a small report about past and future points. Firstly, I would like to speak about the conditions in which we […]
01 Aug 2014 12:42
Charlie Tapsell, New Zealand: “We had to prove that National Team of New Zealand are competitive at this sport”
We were actively supported during the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations -2014. Our team had many fans back home in New Zealand. They sent us messages of support through Facebook. Some of them were our friends, but many of our “virtual” support group we have never met. Basically it was our compatriots who […]
30 Jul 2014 11:38
Frank Døkkr Norðri, Switzerland: “Everything is possible if people really want to see better results”
In general BotN was good, interesting new teams and always nice to see old experienced teams especially when they fight each other and show best fights. Trogir is nice city, was nice to be there, time to visit the town wasn’t enough but what i could see was nice, something different compared with what I’m […]
29 Jul 2014 11:36
Ivan Pampi Loborec, Croatia: “After “Battle of the Nations” I understand that other events are not so serious”
My impressions concerning the event are very good, it was the first experience for our team, but not for me. I have already taken part in some European tournaments, mainly in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, so I was familiar with the concept and the sport itself, and had some combat experience. As for the […]
23 Jul 2014 12:31
The best debutant of “Battle of the Nations”-2014
A winner of the “Best combat debut” category was chosen at the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014. The Tournament Committee of the Championship decided on the matter. The Committee chose the winner from eight contenders, namely national teams of Mexico, Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Moldova, Friesland, Serbia and Scotland. The main criteria for selection […]
22 Jul 2014 10:29
Mikhail Morgulis, Israel: “There are worthy opponents to compete with!”
We were lucky this year, Austria Cup was very close to “Battle of the Nations” (in terms of time frame), so we needed one trip. By the way, weather in Austria was hot even for Israelis. We reached Trogir pretty quickly. We were very glad to see all our old friends and meet new guys. […]
18 Jul 2014 09:25
Vladimir Maksimenko, Latvia: “It was our best “Battle of the Nations”
We liked the place, the organization, literally everything! We reached the venue easily, weren’t tired. We were very pleased by the way the organizers decided to put our camps. We thought, at first, there could be a lack of place for the camp, but everyone was comfortable and we got the best position. There was […]
17 Jul 2014 11:22
The best armory was chosen at “Battle of the Nations”-2014
Winner of the category for the best armory was chosen by a special international committee composed of representatives of Russia and Ukraine. The best one, in their opinion, was the «Age of Craft» company, a well-known workshop manufacturing handmade armor. “Armor and weapons are too important elements of our sport to treat them carelessly. A […]
16 Jul 2014 14:21
Nikolai Bykov, Estonia: “We need to fight against the strongest”
We have a completely new team. Everyone starts from scratch, with no combat experience. I am the only person who took part in Battle of the Nations last year (as a member of the Baltic states team). Our guys are from different cities of Estonia, namely Tallinn, Tartu, Narva. They did not practise full contact […]
07 Jul 2014 11:02
Juri Lönn: “This trip really made us battle brothers for life”
Among the old teams, which participated in the fifth Battle of the Nations spectators were managed to see new and enthusiastic teams. And one of them is National team of Finland. Fighters of which gave us an opportunity to witness their debut on the world list at the “Battle of the Nations”. This team has […]
03 Jul 2014 13:14
Michael Tegge, Friesland: «We will come back in 2015 with a strong buhurt team and much stronger triathletes»
National Team of Friesland has their own debut at World Championship Battle of the Nations this year in Trogir. Moreover it became an opportunity to represent their nation among the countries on the global arena. “The first time ever a National team of Friesland joined a World Championship. All other Frisian sports are organized in […]
02 Jul 2014 13:12
Team Britain got an unusual souvenir to remember Battle of the Nations-2014
Fighters of the United Kingdom’s National Team celebrated the completion of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 not in a usual way. The guys decided to immortalize memories concerning the tournament in their own bodies, in the form of tattoos, which were made by a British well-known master Drew Le Fox. He developed […]
02 Jul 2014 10:09



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