Ivan Pampi Loborec, Croatia: “After “Battle of the Nations” I understand that other events are not so serious”

23 Jul 2014 12:31

My impressions concerning the event are very good, it was the first experience for our team, but not for me. I have already taken part in some European tournaments, mainly in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, so I was familiar with the concept and the sport itself, and had some combat experience.

As for the organization, some difficulties were noticed, but it is only because I am a representative of the organizing committee of the biggest tournament in Croatia, so I know what to expect and understand that those minor difficulties are a part of the process. But in general, the event was well-organized, especially taking into account the fact it is always difficult to organize such activities in Croatia.

The teams that impressed me were mostly the new and small teams, namely Finland, Scotland, Mexico, UK and so on… And of course our own team. And that is because all of them didn’t have much experience, but had a big desire to compete, and were open to new experiences. Especially Team Luxemburg, the guys are our neighbors and good friends.

After taking part in “Battle of the Nations”, I understand that other events are not so serious.

Eagerness of the organizers to help and to cooperate in any way possible made me very happy. I especially liked people from the Organizing Committee, the marshals, and the Authenticity Committee, where some of us had an opportunity to work and see everything from the inside.

We feel satisfaction and also a bit of frustration, since we got a great welcome from the international HMB community and a lot of opportunities abroad, but, unfortunately, not much recognition in our country, which is disappointing since we are trying eagerly to develop the sport and the movement in Croatia, and get it to a higher, more serious level.

Me, as president of Croatia HMB Association, and our national team try to to develop the sport in Croatia, bring it to a higher, more serious level. This year we have started active cooperation with HMBIA, and we are looking forward to its future. In 2015, we plan to host in Croatia at least one HMB tournament resembling “Battle of the Nations”, which will be held year after year then. Out team also plans to participate in other tournaments and gain experience. We were invited to take part in tournaments held in Kyiv (Ukraine), Nuremberg (Germany) and some other cities, and we will go there for sure. These invitations are a direct result of our participation in “Battle of the Nations”-2014, so we’re happy.

Ivan Pampi Loborec,
President of Croatia HMB Association

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania