The most popular armor in HMBIA and the reason for that

11 Aug 2014 11:03

Frequently Asked Questions

– HMBIA Authenticity Committee:

The most popular kits are those relating to Western Europe of about XVth century. Their popularity is explained by the fact they were for foot warriors (in contrast to the “Russian” armor, which were mainly for mounted men). European armor offers good protection of joints, namely elbows, knees, etc.

Concerning armor for mounted men, some protective elements were attached to the saddle and when a warrior dismounted his legs remained unprotected. In addition, armor for mounted knights had to be thick (at the torso) to withstand a spear attack. On the contrary, armor for foot soldiers had to be light (torso part), but the limbs required more serious protection, and, accordingly, more attention were given to the corresponding elements.

It should be also noted that the set should be not only of one period, but from one geographical area, for example from Western Europe. But is it permissible to use elements from different countries? It is desirable to stick to the principle of “one time period and one country”, for example if you deal with Italy, you need to use the things that were in use on the Apennines. But, anyway, combinations are allowed, for example a German set of armor can have some elements that are French or Italian. It is okay. But everything should be reasonable and made with common sense.

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