Darren Glendinning, UK: “Our support team was great at the event”

08 Aug 2014 16:58

Our support team was great at the event, all our fighters supported each other as squires and we had friends and fans helping with many small tasks such as water carrying and care of fighters. Their efforts were very important for the Team.

I had few fans before going to Croatia, most are friends or family. But I have found many people who have become fans of my fighting and my photos and videos after coming home.

It was important for me to do my best at the well-known international event like “Battle of the Nations”-2014 because I knew people back home would watch my fights and look forward to seeing my photographs. Their support within the time I spent in Croatia was invaluable.

Darren Glendinning, fighter of the National Team of the UK

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania