Frank Døkkr Norðri, Switzerland: “Everything is possible if people really want to see better results”

29 Jul 2014 11:36

In general BotN was good, interesting new teams and always nice to see old experienced teams especially when they fight each other and show best fights.

Trogir is nice city, was nice to be there, time to visit the town wasn’t enough but what i could see was nice, something different compared with what I’m used to.

Sleep at historical camp was also nice, not so noisy near the castle and the camp was quite good organized, even if everything was a bit too strict. I personally had a good time there, always good to speak with old friends and meet new people. Our team (Switzerland) could learn alot, was first time in medieval ??mp and medieval fights for many of our fighters and helpers.

For us is now important to try get new people and explain them what we learned.

As first time we did quite good and we are happy for the result, but the goal of course is to make a better result next year, with (hopefully) more people. Of course, what we could learn was really interesting especially because it was the first time that the team was fighting all together, was quite good in the end, but still we need to train hard and harder to try to arrive at level of other better teams, we can not think we are good just so.

Our problem is we can not train the category 5vs5, so we should look for other tournaments out of BotN too. In general, everything is possible if people really want to see better results, so I’m confident that in future we will be better, it will be hard work but the future competitions will “say” us if we did our job good or not.

Frank Døkkr Norðri (Bianchetti),

captain of the National Team of Switzerland

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