The best debutant of “Battle of the Nations”-2014

22 Jul 2014 10:29

A winner of the “Best combat debut” category was chosen at the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014.

The Tournament Committee of the Championship decided on the matter. The Committee chose the winner from eight contenders, namely national teams of Mexico, Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Moldova, Friesland, Serbia and Scotland.

The main criteria for selection of the winner were the following:

– grid results of the national team;

– number of participants (fighters) of the team provided for duels and categories in which they participate (“5 vs 5″, male or female triathlon).

The Committee decided that the best combat debut at “Battle of the Nations” was shown by the National Team of Finland. In addition to good grid results, the winner provided two teams to participate in the “5 vs 5″ category, as well as three men and a woman for the “Duel”.

Sergey Tsymbal, chairman of the Tournament Committee of the HMB World Championship: “Battle of the Nations”-2014: “A debut at the championship of this level is an important step in the development of any national team. Every team once began its combat “career”, with a varying degree of success. New teams did their best, members of our committee, as well as experienced fighters of other national teams said that.”

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania