Pedersen about “Vanaja tournament”-2016 – “My team got 3rd place and I`m happy about it”
There was few great international HMB-tournaments in Finland in period of the end of the summer and at the beginning of the autumn. “Vanaja tournament”-2016 was one of them. HMBIA News have already written about the tournament and now we want to publish the participant`s review about this event. We asked Nick Møller Pedersen, participant […]
03 Oct 2016 16:59
Frankfurt HMB seminar
8-9 October, a fencing triathlon seminar will be taking place in Frankfurt, Germany. The seminar will be hosted by the World Champions of HMB Galina Kohvakko and Aleksey Petrik and is dedicated to handling long sword, buckler and sword combo and heraldic shield and sword combo. During the event an intensive course of fencing will […]
28 Sep 2016 15:26
“Hakkapeliitta”-2016 in Finland: Let’s hear it from the organizers!
August 20, in Tampere (Finland) everybody could visit and support and even participate in “Hakkapeliitta”- 2016 tournament. It was a quite interesting international event and HMBIA News decided to share more details with our followers. We interviewed Tero Oksala, main coordinator of the tournament. Tero Oksala: “Personally, I think that event was successful and the […]
28 Sep 2016 11:28
Tampere 2016
For the event in Tampere the bar was set really high. Despite the fact that it was the first tournament of such kind in Tampere, the event went well for the Finnish organizers’ team and received positive feedback from the participants and numerous spectators. The location played the important role – large spacious hall for […]
23 Sep 2016 15:47
Veldstra, Netherlands: “We wanted to keep our kit as Dutch as possible, close to our roots”
Today, HMBIA News decided to talk on the topic of armor. In our humble opinion, it is one of the most important topics in our movement. So let’s find out what armor do fighters from all around the world prefer! Let’s begin with Netherlands! Why? Because ladies first! We spoke to Esther Veldstra, captain of […]
20 Sep 2016 15:36
Antonio De Zio, Italy: “There is no need to fight with men. Ladies have their own tournament”
17 and 18th of September “Principessa Isabella” tournament is held in Volpiano (Turin-Italy). As Antonio De Zio told HMBIA News, it is the first event for female-fighters that he had an honor of organizing. There will be fights in category “1vs1″ (Triathlon) using HMB rules for tournament categories. Antonio De Zio, captain of National team […]
16 Sep 2016 11:38
Irina Rogozovsky, Israel: “…women came out of the shadows in this sport”
In Historical Medieval Battles, as in any other sport, women firmly took their place. The HMB World Championship: “Battle of the Nations”, is no exception. Female fighters have been competing in the category of “Triathlon”, and taking part in profights since 2014. In 2015, women have had the opportunity to participate in buhurts in “All […]
12 Sep 2016 16:10
Mendoza First HMB Tournament – results and impressions
August 13th Argentina officialy got new HMB tournament. It lasted for 2 days and gathered many new and experienced fighters from all country. The tournament was held in the city of Mendoza, in the west zone of Argentina (region of Cuyo). Miguel García is head of the orgteam of the tournament and he told HMBIA […]
09 Sep 2016 14:51
Friendly Ukranian-Polish HMB Tournament
On the 20th of August in the Central culture and recreation park of M. Gorkiy in the city of Kharkiv (Ukraine), a “Friendly Ukranian-Polish Historical Medieval Battle Tournament” took place. Polish and Ukranian fighters were competing in the “5 vs. 5” nominations and “one vs. one” profights. Yan Zdanovsky, the consul of General Consulate of […]
06 Sep 2016 14:59
Vanaja Tournament 2016 Finland
The biggest event in FInland! Vanaja Tournament 2016 will take place September 3-5 in Häme Castle, Hämeenlinna. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness epic male/female polearm, WMFC first class profights and, of course, BUHURTS! Schedule and fight bracket as follows: Friday 2.9.2016 18.00 Doors are open to school accommodation Address: Linnankatu 12-14 Saturday 3.9.2016 08.00 […]
01 Sep 2016 14:03
Argentina has got a new tournament
Argentina is a rich country for HMB tournaments and this summer the new one will appear. August 13th and 14th will start the first tournament that will be held in the city of Mendoza, in the west zone of Argentina (region of Cuyo). Miguel García is the head of the orgteam of the tournament and […]
30 Aug 2016 16:19
The Belmonte Challenge results
Polearm Duel Men: 1. Ilias Vyshutin, Ukraine 2. Antonio Madrid Díez, Spain 3. Artem Semenenko, Ukraine ————————————- Sword-Buckler Duel Men: 1. Victor Terron, Spain 2. Artem Semenenko, Ukraine 3. Ilias Vyshutin, Ukraine ————————————- Sword – Sword Duel Men: 1. Artem Semenenko, Ukraine 2. Victor Terron, Spain 3. Vlad Moravets, Ukraine ————————————- Longsword Duel Men: 1. […]
30 Aug 2016 15:11
Bianchetti, Switzerland: “We must train to work as a team…”
Switzerland is a beautiful and medium-sized country. HMB-movement in this country is presented by few groups of fans that usually take part in the international tournaments and are well known in the movement. One of them is Franco Bianchetti also known as Frank Døkkr Norðri. He is responsible for canton Ticino fighters and is a […]
16 Aug 2016 15:16
Pohl, Czech Republic: “HMBIA and BOTN are well known in Prague now”
As everybody noticed during last 2 years Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, held HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”. Orgteam, participants and audience are happy with it. And HMBIA News decided to find out is this new tradition helpful for National team of Czech Republic. We asked Pepa Josif Pohl, capitan of the […]
22 Jul 2016 13:23
Argentina – Women Profights Tournament
25th of June Buenos Aires held first pro-fight tournament for female fighters. 15 girls from different parts of Argentina gathered in park to find out who is the toughest one. Andy Di Francesco, part of orgteam of the tournament told HMBIA News more details about that interesting event. Andy Di Francesco: “At first the idea […]
07 Jul 2016 13:27
Eme, France: “The French have worthily brought the spirit of Joan of Arc with strength and valor…”
Battle of the Nations-2016 came to an end and HMBIA News continue to ask members of HMB-movement all around the world about their impressions. So here is the new article from the series on a variety of impressions of the tournament. We have written wrote an article in this series about the impressions and experience […]
06 Jul 2016 11:46



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