Argentina has got a new tournament

30 Aug 2016 16:19

Argentina is a rich country for HMB tournaments and this summer the new one will appear. August 13th and 14th will start the first tournament that will be held in the city of Mendoza, in the west zone of Argentina (region of Cuyo). Miguel García is the head of the orgteam of the tournament and he told HMBIA News about this new sport event

Miguel García: “We are expecting teams from all over the country, since it´s the first time we have a tournament in this area. Also a team from Chile is coming to take part, but the tournament is open for everybody. Several new fighters will fight for the first time in this tournament, including some of my team. Armor requirements will be the same as every tournament, both in terms of safety and history. The only thing we are being more “permissive” is on the shoes, since most of new fighters still have no historical shoes. But we working on this problem”.

There will be the most popular HMB nominations such as “1vs1″ (men), “5vs5″ (men) and “1vs1″ (women). HMBIA rules will be used.

Fighters, notice! Miguel also told that tournament will take placein the city gym, and in the gym there are rooms for the participants from other cities. So they have to take sleeping bags. The rooms have mattresses only.

Winners of the tournament will get medals for first, second and third place in nominations “1vs1″, both women and men and cups for bohurt teams.

For further questions you can contact Miguel on facebook

And we can wish to Miguel García and orgteam inspiration and success and tough and interesting fights to participants!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania